Wednesday, 9 January 2013

MAC Haul

Hey Lovelies,

Me yet again (although I hope you'd be worried if it wasn't). Today I come to you with a small MAC Haul. This haul I'm completely blaming on Marvelle and Laura haha. It contains only three things so this should be a small post. Shall we see my purchases?

Thats right, I bought another lipstick (that takes my total up to 12). This time I've picked up Brick- o-la, which is described as a mid-tone berry on the MAC website. This first got my attention when I saw it on an Essie Button video. I wasn't even going to buy this one until I looked into buying the other two items (I promise).

Secondly and thirdly, I bought two Mineralize Skin finishes. They are my first jump into the MSF world but I'm glad I have, they are beyond beautiful. As you can see above, I got Soft and Gentle and also Stereo Rose. Soft and Gentle is a permanent MSF, which is a light powder which is known in the blogging world as a really good highlighter. Stereo Rose is a limited Edition shade, which has been released as part of the Apres Chic Collection. It is described as a "Coral with golden/bronze shimmering nuances " which sounds rather posh.  This has now sold out on the MAC website so I'm glad I ordered when I did.

Shall we look at some swatches...

Brick  -o- la lipstick

Soft & Gentle --> Left
Stereo Rose --> Right

without flash
with flash

So there is my little haul. What do you think? Have you got any MSFs? What do you use them for? Leave me a comment below.

Till Next Time,



  1. i have both soft and gentle and stereo rose... soft a gentle i use wet on my eye as a golden shadow. it's gorge. xxx

    1. ooh thanks for the tip. I'll try that out xxx

  2. Oh I want all of these!bad influence :)

  3. You picked up some gorgeous bits! Stereo Rose looks stunning! xx

    1. I haven't played around with Stereo Rose yet. thanks for commenting :) xx

  4. These MSFs are beautiful, I swatched them the other day! x

  5. I absolutely adore Mac MSFs, I think they are probably my favourite makeup item! Well, them and lippies. I've gor Soft and Gentle, which I use almost every day, and Light Year, which is a gorgeous peachy shade. Lusting after Stereo Rose now though.
    Mel xx

  6. Yay, glad you like everything :) xx

  7. I sooo wanna try some of the MSFs but I'm too poor at the moment :( However I am definitely lusting after Stereo Rose!! xxx


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