Wednesday, 30 January 2013

MAC Cranberry

Hello Lovelies, 

I'm pretty sure if you have been following me for a while you will know my love for MAC Cranberry. This love has been around for about a month and a bit now, so I thought it was about time that the love was shown to the world, with swatches included. My Cranberry is kept in a little quad palette alongside MAC Nocturnelle and two extra spaces, which need filling at some point.

without flash (slightly out of focus..sorry)

Cranberry is described by MAC as "Red-plum with pink shimmer", it is the perfect Autumn/Winter shade and I can see why every blogger was going gaga over it recently. As you may have been able to see from previous FOTD post I have never worn this shade completely all over the socket, instead I opt for putting over half the eye along side MAC Naked Lunch (I think all that glitters would work too... sadly I don't own it)

With flash you can see the colour a lot better than before, I love this colour although it did scare me  the first time I opened it in the box. Would you like to see some swatches? I've done a finger swatch (with flash and without) and also a hand swatch (again with and without flash). Let's look through these shall we...

without flash

with flash
On the finger without flash, it seems plum in colour but with flash it seems redder. I don't know what else to say here. On the hand the swatches look like this....

MAC Cranberry
without flash

With Flash

Again with the flash on it it looks a bit different than without. I don't know how to describe eye shadows well but I tried and I gave you some swatches and they speak for themselves.

So there you have it, I have confessed my love for MAC Cranberry it is now out there in the world for all to see. I am aware of one dupe, which I don't own so I can't compare. That dupe is from MUA and its the single shadow in shade 25, which is a lot cheaper but I'm unsure of the colour payoff on it. Leave me a comment below.

Also any suggestions or MAC favourites of your own... leave those below too.

Till Next Time,

Clare xxx



  1. Hi! I have heard so much about this colour it looks so different to anything else I have seen! I will soon be purchasing a MAC eye shadow but have no idea which one!!

    I am currently holding a MAC give away to win a lipstick and an eye shadow of your choice! If you would like to join :)

    Jen xxx

  2. Love that colour i need to get myself it i understand why u love it so much. x

  3. I bought the MUA version of this but I haven't been brave enough to use it yet! :) x

  4. I keep eyeing up mac cranberry whenever I go to mac but just never seem to get it, think I need to get it next time
    I am a new follower, maybe check out my blog and follow back?

  5. This is such a gorgeous colour. x


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