Sunday, 27 January 2013

I have a cunning plan

Hey lovelies, 

I know second post in one day. It doesn't happen often but I come to you with an idea.. It may be a silly one but here it goes..

I have had the idea of a summer blogger meet up. I know earlier today I talked to you about the Birmingham Blogger Meet Up but this is something completely different. Why you may ask? Well with this idea it involves a longer train/car journey for one and two it doesn't come with a goody bag.

My idea is this.... A summer blogger meet up at the beach.


My thoughts are that it could be a chilled experience in August (maybe the start of August), sandcastles, amusements, a pier maybe? Picnics or Fish and Chips for lunch/tea/both. But that's as far as my thoughts I have gone. So I want to know from you a few things?

  1. Is this a good idea?
  2. Where would it be best to do it?
  3. Would anyone like to help organise it?
  4. Should I just put this idea back in my head for good?
I'd love to know what you all think, so please feel free to comment below. Thanks in advance.

Till Next Time,

Clare xxx


  1. OBV Ill help organise, loving the idea of a more chilled meet up and fish and chips sounds fabulous xx

    1. thanks sweetie. I just need a few more people to find this page xxx

  2. Sounds like a great idea to me :) Unfortunately I'm away for all of August though :( x

  3. sounds like a great idea, there's nothing better than fish and chips at the seaside =) xx

  4. Being by the seaside is one of my favourite places to be, combine that with a blogger Meetup and I think you're onto a winner there! The only beaches I really know of (Apart from the one in Ilfracombe, Nirth Devon, which is tucked away in a little corner of England and REALLY hard to get to!) are the ones on the Yorkshire Coast. My favourites are Scarborough and Whitby. Just thought I'd throw them in there as an idea xx

    1. Ha ha I should probably have mentioned in all of that, that I would definitely be up for this...and I meant North Devon, not Nirth... xx

  5. I would definitely be up for this, I also don't mind travelling far for it. :) x


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