Friday, 11 January 2013

Fashion Bloggers... Hi there.

Hey Lovelies,

Hope you are well. Second post today, crazy I know but I thought I'd just mention something. It is something for the lovelies amongst you who are fashion bloggers/ enjoy reading fashion posts. 

I help out on a blog that might interest you, the blog is Fashion Chit Chat. 


We are the group of people behind the #fbloggers chats that happen on Monday and Thursday between 8pm and 9pm GMT, which you are all welcome to come and join in. On the blog, we have blog hops (in fact we have one starting tomorrow at half 10) and there are other things in the pipeline. 

Why am I telling you all about this blog? Well I thought you all ought to know about it, maybe give it a follow, we have a twitter account too that can be found at @fbloggerschat. Maybe pop over to the blog say hi, add your link to the blog hop below.

If fashion is your thing, come over to If its not then don't worry.

Till Next Time,


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