Saturday, 19 January 2013

Chinese Food anyone?

Hey there lovelies,

I'm trying something new today I hope you don't mind. Today I bring to you a recipe. I have learnt recently on twitter that there is a lot of love for chinese food/chinese takeaway. I like most people love chinese food, but I haven't ordered takeaway in years.

This is due to the fact that I like to try and cook my own versions of things. I do this because I like to cook and also because I'm trying to be healthier in my food choices and eating takeaways are just not that healthy (sorry). So today I bring to you my version of Chicken Chow Mein. Good Luck everyone...

You will need:                        
  • Noodles (I tend to go for the rule that one portion is one fold of noodles)
  • Chicken (does work with other meat)
  • Your choice of vegetables ( I went for mushrooms, spinach, mange tout, pepper and sweetcorn)
  • Chow mein sauce (thats the silver packet.
What you need to do....
  • Put the Noodles in a saucepan full of water and leave them to cook.
  • Put a tiny bit of oil in a frying pan and let it heat up, whilst it is cut up your chicken into small chunks and place it gently in the pan.

  • Whilst the chicken is cooking, chop up all the other veg, wash any veg that needs washing. Make sure you keep an eye on the chicken, you are wanting to make sure that the chicken is white all the way through. 

  • Remove the chicken from the heat and drop in the other veg to cook. At this point your noodles should be done, check them they should be soft.

  •  once all veg is cooked add the chicken to the vegetables and drain your noodles.

  • Add noodles to pan, pour over sauce and mix in until all is covered in the sauce. Finally dish up and enjoy.

chicken chow mein

There you go. My Chicken Chow Mein  Recipe. It healthy as it has a lot of vegetables in it and the amount that I made was enough for two people and only took 30 minutes, which is probably the same time it would take to get it from the takeaway.

What do you thik of this post? What is your favourite Dish? Would you like more recipes?
Leave me a comment below.
Till Next Time,

Clare xxx



  1. This looks amazing! I love chinese food but my boyfriend doesn't so I hardly ever eat it!

    Georgia x

    1. You could just make enough for yourself xx

  2. This looks so scrummy Claire, nomnomnom!

  3. Looks so yum! I feel hungry looking at it!

    1. Aww thanks. I really enjoyed writing this post xx

  4. Replies
    1. thank you sweetie. I may do some more food posts xx

  5. as chinese, it doesn't look delicious.


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