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#birminghambloggermeetup 19/01/13

Hey lovelies,

I'm guessing you have all heard a little bit about the meet up that went on in Birmingham last weekend, you have probably read a few posts. Well now it is time for mine. Before we start I have to say that I have borrowed pictures from a few people because I was a bad blogger and didn't take  photos for most of the day.

Anyway, on Saturday 19th of January 2013 after months of planning (and a week of sleep deprived nights) the day had arrive for over 20 bloggers from the Midlands and further afield trudged through snow, ice and cold conditions to join in on a Birmingham Blogger meet up.

Now my day Saturday begun bright early, with just a hint of stress/nervousness. I walked to my village's train station in order to get my train to Birmingham New Street to meet up with Gemma. I arrived at New Street at 11am and after a coffee or two, myself and Gemma went to meet Sara at the mailbox to sort out goodies. As I said in a different post, Sara and Gemma were the forces behind the goody bags getting the goodies.

Soon enough it was time to meet the lovely people who were coming to the meet up, this is when I got nervous walking to the Starbucks. As I have said before when I am confronted with large groups of new people I tend to freak out and go incredibly quiet so I was so glad to have Gemma there as my fellow organiser and friend as she took charge of shouting names out as we gave out the name badges and separated into our four little groups.

borrowed from Gemma

As you can see, I was in the purple team. We visited a couple of shops Forever 21, Selfridges (mainly for the MAC counter), Lush, Urban Outfitters and Muji. Then it was time to go to back to Starbucks to meet up with everyone before we moved onto Rodizio Rico, where we were going for  a cocktail. Rodizio Rico is located in the Cube, touching distance from the mailbox and has to be one of the coolest places that I have visited in a while. Here is the bar:

courtesy of Victoria

courtesy of Victoria

The Staff were amazing and very welcoming and for that I thank them all. Everyone tried a Caipirinha  cocktail or mocktail and we had a comfy seat and a rest from our shopping. The drink tasted amazing, although a little strong for me (especially since I hadn't eaten for many hours).

the purple team -courtesy of Robyn

After our drinks, we walked over to Red Peppers for a sit down meal. The people at Red Peppers were amazing too. Myself, Gemma and Sara had been there earlier in the day and they were so helpful, offering to help with the bags and offering us drinks, so we knew when we arrived in the evening, our table was going to look amazing.. and it did they had scattered the table crystals that we had bought all over the tables, put out candles and also put out our name cards that Gemma had made, which were awesome. Also they had placed the goody bags in the middle of the table. By the way, the goody bag gets it's own post... look out for that.

The food was brilliant, I went for the Sesame Salmon for my main course. I chose this because it sounded yummy and I was right..

The meal section of the meet up was great because it gave people chance to chatter, have a laugh and catch up with other people who weren't in their groups during the day. As you can see from the pictures below, there were a lot of smiley faces, which I think is just what a meet up needs to look like, don't you??

borrowed from Gemma

borrowed from Gemma

borrowed from Gemma

Just before people started to leave there was one last surprise for everyone. Victoria from Victoria's Vintage had baked a special cake for everyone, which the lovely people at Red Pepper's had put candles on. Gemma brought it up the whole length of the table so everyone could see it and then me and Gemma blew out the candles. 

picture from Victoria

It was a great day all round and I don't think it could have gone any better (apart from the weather). Thank you again everyone for coming and fighting the snow. I shall leave everyone's links and twitters below in a second so everyone can check out all the amazing people that came. I know that there are a couple of people planning a meet up in April, which I shall be attending.

Also, I think me and Gemma were thinking of doing another meet up in August.. What do you all think? 

Till Next Time, 

Clare xxxx

P.S the lovely people that came to the meet up are:















  1. Yes to another meet up in August!!! I was one of the bloggers that had to step out because of the snow so would really love another chance to meet you lovely ladies :) xxx

    1. I'd love to meet you too :) xxx

  2. It was such a good day! Thank you so much for organising it Clare :) x

    1. thanks hayley. It'll be your turn next xx

  3. I look psychotic on that photo of me laughing, woops! Your meal looked lovely, I forgot to photograph mine I was far too hungry!

    1. haha I was starving too. I thought my food deserved a picture. It was amazing xx

  4. Looks like a fab meet up, defo do one again in August would be great to meet you all as i couldn't make this one =)



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