Saturday, 22 December 2012

Wicked Time all round

Hey lovelies, 

How are you all? Are we all off for Christmas for now?

Well today's lifestyley personal one is a good one, its about a trip to the "big smoke", LONDON. As part of a Christmas Present and just as a treat, myself and my mummy went down to London to see the musical, Wicked.

We went from Wolverhampton station at 10:00 and arrived in Euston just after midday. We had prebooked our underground tickets so we went straight to the underground station and off to Leicester Square, where we did a bit of wandering round going ooh look at that etc and made a little trip into HMV just off Leicester Square so that my mum could get something for my dad's Christmas Present and then we walked down Regents Street and ended up in Oxford Circus. I actually liked Regents Street, never walked it before. Its pretty, there are many higher end shops but it wasn't in your face that they were higher end.

On Oxford Street, we wandered into a couple of stores but bought nothing and I took some pictures  of the Christmas Lights, which you can't really see but they were there... 

We got to the theatre super early because it was wet and walking around is never fun in the Rain, we took our seats (in the stalls... ooh snazzy) and got comfortable for our Matinee Performance. It was my second time at Wicked, my first time was in May with a friend and I have to say it was as brilliant as the last time, if not better. The two leading ladies Gina Beck and Hayley Gallivan (Elphaba Stand in with a voice that I am beyond of jealous of) had amazing Chemistry together and I fell in love with the male lead Ben Freeman (gorgeous looking and he can sing!!). The final person I have to talk about is Sam Lupton, who plays Boq, I saw this guy in the Avenue Q tour at the start of this year I believe but he smashed the role of Boq, it was like it was born for him. 

Wicked is one of my favourite musicals to see live, I would happily watch it over and over again, the cast is always on top form and the set design can not be faulted. If you are ever in London and like your musicals, I seriously suggest this one!

the green glow of the theatre.
We then walked around towards the river along the Thames for a bit in the rain before going for food on the Strand in a Garfunkels. 

After our lovely food (I had Sausage and Mash), we walked along the strand and into a very Christmassy Covent Garden. I mean look at these decorations...

I love Covent Garden at the best time, but I think now I've seen it at Christmas Time, it has become the best place ever. Sadly after Covent Garden we had to go and get back to Euston Station for our train home. 

I can't wait to for my next trip down to London, which will probably be for Helen of  Beautifully Superfluous's meet up in July... anyone got plans to go to it? Leave me a comment below.

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  1. I absolutely love London, especially at Christmas and Covent Garden is definitely a place I visit every time I go there :-)
    Love the theatre too, looks like you had, for want of a better word, a 'wicked' time :-)

    Louise xx

    1. Haha I had a brilliant day. If only it hadn't rained and it would have been perfect xx

  2. i LOVE wicked!
    it was nice to read this post, i live in london and i love reading about peoples day trips down here. it's refreshing to see :)

    1. aww thanks for your comment. I'm sure it is funny to look at posts like this and see us all getting excited about things you see most days xx

  3. You have no idea how jealous I am, I SO wanted to see the Wicked musical :(
    Am really glad you and your mum had a lovely time though. Pretty sure we were in Covent Garden at the same time, 'wicked' to think we might have walked by each other!

    1. That would have been cool if we'd seen each other :) x

  4. I love Wicked, it's one of my all time favourite shows.

    Covent Garden is beautiful at Christmas, I try to remind myself of that every time I visit near Christmas and end up caught in the throng of shoppers! x

    1. I love Covent Garden at the best of times. But the lights just made everything magical xx


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