Saturday, 1 December 2012

Whose Ready for a Zumba?*

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Todays lifestyle is a review of sorts. I recently got an email from a lovely person called Saffron, who emailed to tell me about a new Zumba game that was coming out (it is now out, if you are interested).

When the original Zumba game came out, I enjoyed it a lot but I didn't love it. As you know from my original Zumba post (which you can read here), I am a great fan of going to real life Zumba classes with real life people and I just didn't feel the silly/craziness of being in a class. I kind of gave up on the game.

When I received the email about this new game, I did some research on the game and it looked liked the game had had some improvements. So when I got the email asking whether I'd like to try it out, I jumped at the chance (I couldn't believe that I was asked whether little old me would like to  try it out). A couple of days later, I received a parcel holding a copy of the game, a zumba belt (I got the Wii version) and also a Zumba DVD (which I haven't had the chance to try yet).

I bet you are all wondering how this one is different to the last one and also how I feel about it. Lets look at what this is game is all about, shall we?

There is 40 new songs and routines (including original Zumba® music tracks with routines that are similar to the ones I do in class). I love that there are well known songs on there as well as the Zumba tracks, it means there are ones that I can sing along to (bonus!!)

Like last time you can choose between doing a full class or single song but now you create your own custom core class from your favourite songs and routines. I haven't played around with the custom class feature yet. I am slowly getting through all the songs but I think once they are all done I can then pick which songs I like ( or dislike as there is always one song/routine that you don't like, I have one in my classes) One thing I like about this game that you didn't get in the first one is that, during a song you have the person who you follow (that actually looks like a person.. unlike in the original) but there is also a little box that appears when the move is about to change, which helps a lot. I understand that this probably makes no sense so I found this screen grab online.

Do you see what I mean about the little box now?

So what do I think of this game? Well I definitely think that it is better the original game, I will get much more use out of this one. It is more like a Wii computer game than the first one. It had more of a party/class feel to it than the first one as well. All in all, there was much more entertainment and fun to be had playing with this game than the original. 

Like going to the exercise classes, this game would be a brilliant way of losing a couple of pounds. The game counts the calories that you burn, which is always exciting to see.

This is definitely something I'd put on my Christmas List (if I hadn't been sent it) as I think I'm going to be using it a lot in the New Year to burn off all my Xmas lbs. So there you go, my first lifestyley game review. What do you think?

If you want to put it on a wishlist or Christmas List, you can get the game for either the Nintendo Wii or Xbox 360 for the Kinect from most good computer game stores like GAME, who currently have the Wii version on sale for £17.99*.

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  1. I love Zumba but everyone said the first games were rubbish! Might get this though :) xox

    The Style Khaleesi

    1. I definitely rate this game better than the first one xx


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