Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sunday Sensations 26/11-02/12

Hello Lovelies,

So its December. I actually can't believe that it is nearly the end of the year, also its near Christmas but I'm not going to talk about that properly until I'm more prepared and not freaking out about college work (it should calm down a bit after this week).

It's Sunday, so you know what this post is.. Its my Sunday loves, what I have loved this week. We all know what the categories, so lets just get on with it shall we.


Favourite Beauty Product: Hands down this week, that prize goes to the MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study. I've only had it a week and I already love it. Its the perfect thing to put on first thing in the morning when I'm in school. Its just so pretty. Totally worth it's price tag.

Favourite Blogger: This week, I am going to pick two but there is a reason behind this. This week I went to my first event as a blogger (which will have its own post shortly and a little mention in a bit), I was nervous as hell and it wasn't helped by the fact that I was also meeting fellow bloggers for the first time scared me as well. As I said in my shyness post recently, I can get very  quiet and shy around new people. However, the two bloggers that are my favourites this week (and will continue to be my favourites for a long time) were people that I met for the first time but there was no weirdness, no silences, it was just like we'd been friends for ages and we were just catching up. For that reason this week my favourites are Kelsey and Gemma. I love them both and they also give great hugs.

Favourite Event: This week, I went to the opening of a new bar in Birmingham called The Lost and  Found. I'm not going to give much away because it will be having its own post next week but for now all I'm going to say is I had a lovely time in a lovely looking place (I'm such a tease).


Favourite Song/YouTube Video: This week, I have picked a song, which I hope I haven't put up before. It is a "parody" song. I love Disney, but this song makes me smile. Plus it is sung by one of my favourite west end singers, a lovely lady called Julie Atherton. I hope you like. P.S there are some famous faces to look out for too.

There are my Sunday Sensations. I hope you like them. Leave a comment below.
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