Sunday, 23 December 2012

Sunday Sensations 17/12- 23/12

Hey Lovelies,

It's nearly Christmas time... anyone else excited? Can't believe that on Tuesday we shall be sitting down for our Christmas Lunch.

In other news, congratulations to everyone for surviving another end of the world, I'm pretty sure I've seen about three now. Anyway, it is Sunday... you all should know what time that is. Time for another Sunday Sensations, my weekly chat about things that I have loved and enjoyed this week. It is the normal five categories, so lets just get down to business.....


Favourite Beauty Product: That prize goes to Revlon Lip Butters as a whole. I have fallen back in love with these little beauties. I own four of the collection and love them all. I have learnt that they can be used alone, but I also like using them as a base for a different lipstick. In fact, as I type this up I have got Candy Apple Lip Butter on with MAC Russian Red over the top and in my humble opinion I look gorgeous.

Favourite Blogger: I vote that this week this goes to Louise of Confetti Letters. I first was made aware of her blog, when I was involved in a swap with her. Since then we have chatted on Twitter and I have become a fan of her blog and the range of posts that she does. Just been mooching on there actually, reading about fold away shoes and noticed a lovely tattoo on her foot. Thats something I didn't know about her. If you would like to go and look at her blog I'll link it here or you can click her beautiful face below.

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Favourite Event: I think you can all guess this one. It is my trip to see Wicked in London. I won't talk too much about that not as I wrote a blog post about it this week, which you can read here.

Favourite post that I've written: I think that would be my post on current favourite lip colours/lip products. I talked about my four most used products, two being MAC and two being Revlon. You can have a mooch at that one right here.

Favourite video/YouTube Video: This week I have picked a song from a YouTube Sensation, which I have brought to your attention before but I wanted to put another song up of her's. Her name is Heather Traska. If you haven't checked out her channel. Please go check her out..

What have been your favourites this week? Leave me a comment below.

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  1. One of my many favourite things this week has got to be being at home up North with my family ready for Christmas. Can't wait to read about Wicked :) xx

    1. My wicked post is already up sweetie xx

  2. i cant believe its nearly christmas ! even throughout the hype i still havent tried revlon lip butters i think youve persuaded me though !

    1. Yay, I think everyone should try at least one lip butter. If you find the right shade for you, the lip butters are brilliant xx


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