Friday, 28 December 2012

Shopping. We're only happy when we're shopping.

Hello there lovelies,

It's back to normal blogging again after all that Christmas fun. Did we all get good presents and spend lots of time with our loved ones?

Well today my post is all about what I treated myself to just before Christmas. It may look a lot but to be fair, the sales had already begun and some of the bits were in my New Look shopping basket for a long time. This will probably be my last clothes haul for a while. I'm planning to save up and get myself an Ipad.


Without further ado...lets get into this haul shall we?

I think I'll start with Jewellery.

Jewellery is currently BOGOF, so of course I ordered two bits. Firstly I got the little cuff, I thought it looked different so it got put in my basket and then the idea of a collar necklace interested me so I picked that as my free piece.

Onto clothing...

From the top we have two skater skirts, one thats navy and another one that is a orangey red colour(with black speckles). I spend 75% of the time in skirts and dresses and these two caught my eye. They were about £14 each, which is rather a bargain I think.

Then we have a white jumper with studs on, I saw it first on this blog and thought it looked lovely on Georgina so I thought I'd treat myself. Its a little see through so I will be putting something on underneath.

Third picture down is a kind of repurchase. Many moons ago (last year), I bought jeggings and lived in quite a lot. Then I bought jeans and got rid of the leggings. However, my current shoe of choice (ankle boots) just don't fit my jeans in... step in these little beauties, they are comfy and look just like jeans plus they fit inside my boots... YAY!

Fourth picture is my basics, I got a two pack of 3/4 length sleeve tunics and also a red bodycon dress (which on me will always just be a top). I purely bought these to wear with my skater skirts and also to wear for school.

Finally in this little collection is a little mac. I treated myself to this on after it had been in my shopping basket for a long time. I have wanted this kind of coat for a while, I just think that it looks  so classic and will never age. I like the colour as well because it can go with so many outfits plus I already have a black coat so now I have a coat for all days haha.

Finally we have these boots. Yes I have these in black but they are so comfortable that I had to treat myself to the brown version. If you are coming to the Birmingham Meet up expect to probably see these on my feet haha.

So thats my haul. What do you think? Has anyone treated themselves to anything in the sales? Leave me a comment below. By the way, does anyone want to see what I got for Christmas? There's not a lot but I'd love to know whether you would like a mooch? Again let me know below.

Till Next Time,



  1. I have that coat! I bought it about 3 months ago and live in it. Because I rock the curves, this coat is so flattering xx

    1. Haha I think we should both wear it to the meet up in Birmingham x

  2. Replies
    1. Me too :) thanks for the comment xx


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