Friday, 7 December 2012

Off to college once more I go

Hello again lovelies,

Here lies my fashion post for the week and it is an OOTD. 

As you are all fully aware, I current go to college on a Wednesday as part of my course to become a Teaching Assistant. Well this week, it was gosh darn cold in the midlands (there was no snow though) so I thought it was probably wise to get a little wrapped up and comfy and wear flat boots.

Now this is not the most "fashionable" outfit but I love it all the same. Do you want to see what I wore....

my face

my outfit

So like I said, outfit wise I went comfy. I picked this jumper up from New Look (where else) in a relatively recent shopping trip. It is just long enough to cover the bum and it has a slightly oversized feel to it. I am a great fan of this jumper. I paired the jumper with my New Look skinny fit jeans (which are starting to feel really loose on me.. must mean all this exercise is doing something for me) and my pair of Sainsbury's trusty ugg style boots, Overall comfy but with a hint of the fashionable about it. I'm tempted to wear this outfit or something similar to the Clothes Show this weekend. What do you think?

On my face, I put:
  • Maxfactor 3 in 1 Foundation in shade 'Warm Almond'
  • Benefit Bo-ing concealer in Shade 1
  • MAC Paint in 'Bare Study'
  • Benefit They're Real Mascara
  • Revlon Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie.

I'm really loving Raspberry Pie at the moment. I bought it in the summer, when my love of lip butters was at it's highest and never really looked at it. However, since I have been experimenting more with colourful bold lips, I got it out my storage system and have been playing around with them.

So there you go... what do you think of this outfit? Leave me comment below.

Till Next Time,


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  1. Lovely lip colour. I'm also going to the clothes show this year, I'm so excited!
    international giveaway ends tonight on tie-dye-eyes!


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