Friday, 7 December 2012

Look whose been naughty again....MAC HAUL

Hey Lovelies.

How are you all? Well I hope. 

So today I grace you with two posts, one beauty related (this one) and a fashion one, which will arrive later. I feel bad for not blogging as much as I should recently so I hope you don't mind.

As you can probably guess from the title of this post, I may have ordered some goodies for myself. In my last make up haul, I bought MAC Naked Lunch in the pan form as I had also ordered a palette for them, however they had ran out of the palettes so I had a lonely eye shadow with nowhere to live. So of course, I felt it was my duty to buy it some friends. In fact I bought it five friends and also a lipstick (just in case the eye shadows felt scared on the journey, it would have something larger to look after them). I ordered these from Debenhams because I then get beauty points, but they still had no palettes, so I ordered them from the actual MAC website and they all arrived yesterday, which was nice to return home to after school. Do you want to see what I bought?

Nice Haul, right?
So lets talk about the shadows first. I bought five, all ones that I chose from seeing them on blogs and vlogs. I treated myself to Amber Lights (a lovely gold bronze colour), Antiqued (a deeper bronze colour), Carbon (black), Cranberry (a current blogger favourite) and Nocturnelle (a purple shade). I'm really excited to play around with them, making (hopefully) some lovely eye looks, which I can show you all. 

The lipstick I chose (which now turns my collection to 11) was one I'd had my eye one for a while. The shade is Russian Red and it is well red. I had been looking out for my perfect retro style red lip colour and I think I found it in this little beauty. It is a matt finish, which I will have to get used to but I love it all the same.

I thought it would  be good to swatch my purchases for you, now before we look at them, be aware they are not my best swatches, you have been warned.

from the bottom: Amber Lights, Antiqued, Carbon, Cranberry, Nocturnelle

Russian Red

There you all go what do you think? I'm quite proud of my little haul. I have two spaces to fill in my palette. What are your suggestions? Leave me a comment below.

Till Next Time,



  1. You chose some great shadows! To fill your pallet have a look at Woodwinked and Satin Taupe, I love those 2 and their very unique as well :) xxx

  2. Hi
    Naked lunch is a great all time colour :)

  3. Great haul! I am dying to get down to MAC, feel like I haven't been in ages! Hopefully after x-mas I can treat myself to their January collection (i'm eyeing up a LOT of that!) :)

  4. you got some lovely goodies! i adore the lippie :) xx


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