Wednesday, 12 December 2012

FOTD - Final College before Christmas

Hello there lovelies,

It is gosh darn cold here at the moment. When I go to college, I would usually do an outfit of the day post  (as the most fashionable that I get is to go there), however because it is so cold I am just going for my Purple Primark Jumper, River Island Disco Pant dupes and my ugg style (3 year old) Sainsburys black boots. It isn't very stylish and I believe I have already done a post looking like that so I thought I'd treat you to a Face of the Day post and show you my ugly mug.

Now before I show you the pictures, I have to say something, it probably won't show up in the photo but I still have to say it. My face may be a little darker than normal. In real life my face seems a little darker/a little orange. I seem to be getting a more paler in the face at the moment, I think the winter has hit my face and turned it lighter (and I'm not the darkest as it is - I'm quite pale faced). I'm going to get a lighter foundation in my next shopping trip, but for now I'm just working with what I have and using less of it. That's my ramble over let's look at the pictures.

Let's just get past the strange faces, I shouldn't be left alone haha. On my face, I had
  • Maxfactor 3 in 1 Foundation in "Warm Almond"
  • Benefit Bo-ing Concealer in "Light"
  • Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in "Ivory"
  • MAC Eyeshadows in Naked Lunch and Cranberry
  • Benefit They're Real Mascara
  • Revlon Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie.
So what do you think? I'm quite liking the darker lip but I want to know your opinions, does it wash me out or not? Leave me a comment below.

Till Next Time,



  1. Eyeshadow looks lovely babe! Love that lip butter as well, my favourite at the moment :) That purple jumper is my favourite colour! :) xx

    1. Thank you sweetie. I'm still playing around with the eyeshadows but I really like this look. Thanks for the comment my dear xx

  2. Your lipstick looks gorgeous ! You are so pretty =) xxx

    1. Aww thank you so much. You're a lovely person xx

  3. Yor makeup looks gorgeous!! And now, the lip color is not washing you out. And hey, don't say ugly mug! Everyone is beautiful in their own way and the beauty comes from inside, not outside:) You seem to be a pretty, sweet girl xo

  4. Amazing! Love the lipstick. x

  5. The lipstick doesnt wash you out at all I actually really like it :) And it suits you too :)




  6. you have a beautiful face missy! :)
    i love the lippy :D


  7. hiya ! im new to your blog :) loving that jumper !x

  8. I love the lip colour :) It really suits you x


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