Saturday, 15 December 2012

Clothes Show Live 2012 - Part 1

Hey lovelies,

So last weekend, like many bloggers and quite a lot of others, I went to the Clothes Show in Birmingham. It is quite a local event for me, it only involves a short train ride so I love going there, this was my second year.


Before we start I should say two things. Firstly, this is part one of two, this part is going to be my experience of the show and then there will be a separate post for the hauling of my shopping (which there was a bit). Secondly, I went on the Saturday, one of the busier days and I also went with non blogging people, so I didn't get any pictures of the stalls.

My day, last Saturday, began with a meet up with my friends at Wolverhampton train station and a fun ride to Birmingham International, which is the train station by the NEC. And got straight into shopping. Our first stop was to get our goody bags as we had bought platinum tickets, something I had never done before. 

We seemed to get through the actual clothes area of the show rather quickly, I don't know if anyone felt the same but the standard of the clothes section didn't seem as good as it had done previously. So we moved quickly into the dangerous area (especially for me), which is the beauty section. 

What I loved the previous year was the goody bags that you could pick up from the big beauty brands such as Rimmel and Barry M. I love the idea that you are getting £60-£70 worth of make up for a tenner. Well I may have bought some of the bags, in fact look at the collection of bags I collected...

That's right, my shopping takes up my whole bed, surely that can't be good haha. This all took me two complete cycles of the show first time as a foursome group of friends and then I left two of my friends in the bar with our shopping whilst me and a friend went on a second loop, bought some more and then got ready for our fashion show. Here is where took the most pictures, so I'll insert them here... be warned they are a mix of pretty clothes and nearly naked men.. Enjoy 

I really enjoyed the fashion show, it has a mix of models strutting their stuff and then there are elements of dancers shaking their things as well. There is always a collection of different musical themes playing in the background in each 'scene' depending on what was going on. In the finale, dancers did Gangnam Style (which I didn't get pictures of) but it was refreshing to see in the background that some of the models were trying to have a go.. it gave them a personality.

All in all, it was a brilliant day and I shall be returning next year. Like I said before look out for part 2, which will be my haul post. 

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  1. Sounds like you had a good time :) I really enjoyed the show! x

  2. aah am jealous. glad u had a great time hun x

  3. I'm definitely going to have to go next year! xx


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