Friday, 21 December 2012

Clothes Show Haul

Hey Lovelies, 

Welcome to my 150th post. I can't believe I have rambled on for 150 posts and that you have all stayed with me. As I have a give away planned for when I reach 300 GFC followers, so there will be no giveaway today but I hope you stay here to see the plethora of goodies that I bought from the clothes show.

In my last clothes show post, I showed this picture... 

I'm not going to lie by end of the day, my shoulders and hands were aching from the weight but I get dragged into all the deals. So I vote we go through each bag separately and take a peek inside. Starting with...... Jelly Pong Pong/So Susan....

Jelly Pong Pong, who I believe are changing their name to So Susan, are a brand I first heard about last year at the Clothes Show, their goody bag contained 4 things and cost me £8. There was a Mascara, a lip cushion, a bronzer (that I gave to my friend) and a Wide Awake Palette, which has illuminator, a highlighter and a brow sorting kit all in one. It was the palette that I really bought this bag for as, I bought the palette last year and have used it most days as part of my make up routine, so I needed one for when I run out. I'm excited to try the other products. 

Next up, Barry M....

So I bought extras at the Barry M stand, which are the four nail varnishes seen in the top picture. The bottom picture holds my Barry M Haul. Both years that I have been to the Clothes show, I've found the Barry M Goody bag hit and miss. There are normally some good things, like the eye pigment colours and the nail varnishes but there are things that are just never going to be used like the turquoise mascara and the eyeliners in really off colours. Where to next? I think I'll go to Model's Own...

Model's own had an offer in which if you bought 2 nail varnishes for £10, you got a goody bag full of make up including an eyeliner, lip pencil, nail art pen, 2 pigment pots, lip gloss, lip balm. To be honest, I'd never tried anything from Model's own so I don't know what their make up is like, or their nail varnishes for that matter. I picked up to polishes one, that was a Clothes Show Special and also a pink glitter polish. I'm excited to try both of them.

Rimmel next...

Rimmel is a stand I went to straight away, I love their goody bags. Mine held three nail varnishes, a little eyeshadow palette, a mascara and this little lip product. I have a little play with the 1000 kisses   lip product but still got to play around with the rest.

Impress Nails next?

Impress Nails had an offer on during the show. It was one lot for £5 or two lots for £8. Of course I went for the two lots. I heard a lot of things about these nails during the summer from the blogs and decided when I saw them that I would have to see what the fuss was about.

I bought two lots of "magazine" goody bags. I bought the Elle Magazine bag, which had two Elle Magazines, a Body Gradual Tan from St Tropez and a Jemma Kidd Eyeliner. I also got the Cosmo/Company goody bag which had the magazines in and also a variety of stuff including a mini batiste dry shampoo, an OPI nail varnish and some awful coconut water which got poured down the sink when I got home.

The final bag was the goody bag that you get if you are a platinum ticket. I've managed to lose the photo I took but I'm sure you have all seen what was in it... a chocolate bar, a few samples, a guide to the show. I don't know why but I was expecting more from this bag. Oh well. The better seat was worth the price.

Thats all my shopping. So just time for me to say thank you to all you for staying with me for these 150 posts... Here's to the next 150 right? 

Till Next Time,



  1. I love all the things you got :) The Barry M haul looks especially good x

  2. Agree with you on the coconut water, it was horrible!!! I'm glad I resisted the Barry M because of the colours, but my Models Own ones weren't any better, my eyeshadow was bright orange :(

    1. I shall get use out of my Barry M pigments but the Models Own ones were crazy colours xx

  3. I absolutley love the clothes show, I've been the last 4 years it's so amazing :)xx


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