Sunday, 11 November 2012

Things I have loved 5/11-11/11

Hello Lovely People,

How are you all? I'm so tired and fed up of this college work but I'll survive. Michael Buble has been keeping me company and the work seems to flowing well at the moment.

But anyway, it is Sunday and that can only mean one thing, my weekly loves post. There is one difference with this weeks categories .. there is only four. This is because as you all know there has been only one post from me this week so I can't really call that a favourite because it has no competition.

Love love love love!
Favourite Blogger: This week it goes to the lovely Georgina of Makeup-Pixi3. I have been following this blogger for a while and really enjoy all her posts. She writes about beauty and about all the events she goes to which all look exciting and a perfect way to chat with other bloggers. She also has a YouTube channel, which I love. Her personality is so calming and friendly. She is definitely someone I would love to meet one day. If you want to go visit her, click the link above or her banner below and say hello from me.

Makeup-Pixi3 beauty blog

Favourite Beauty Product: This week, this goes to the MUA 3 in 1 Contour Pen. I received this eye liner pen in a swap I did with a lovely blogger, Louise (of which the post will be around soon). When I first received this package, this pen wasn't one of my most exciting presents. I've never really used eye liner before recently because I hate having to put anything near or in my eye (especially pointy pencils/contact lenses you get the idea). I have recently become braver and decided to try this little pen out (its not sharp like a pencil so I was less nervous). I have to say I love it... I'm definitely rocking the serious eye now a lot more. When I get better at the technique expect reviews and FOTDs.

Favourite Event: I had to think this through but this weeks favourite event came yesterday (Saturday) when I got my first invitation to something as a blogger. Its for an opening to something in Birmingham at the end of the month so thats something to look forward to. Plus, I know that there are a couple of other bloggers going so its an excuse to meet those lovely people for the first time in "real life".

Favourite Song/YouTube Video: This week I'm giving this award to a comedian called David O'Doherty. His comedy is musical, his jokes are put to music in little songs. A good example is this video which some one I follow on twitter shared this week. I hope you like.

So there you go there is my loves of the week. I hope you've enjoyed them. I have to go back to my work again now. I shall be returning on Friday (hopefully) with my newest shoes in a Haul, there will be no beauty things this week (unless I have time).

Till Next Time,



  1. Oh this is so sweet you of, than you for the mention, it's totally made my day, thank you <3


  2. Hi there.. nice blog you have. Found your blog through the 'Share the love BLog Hop'. Your new follower. Take Care

  3. Hi I found you throught the blog hop!!!

    Great blog!

  4. Hi! Found you through the Share the Love Blog Hop! New follower :)

    Beauty by Emma


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