Saturday, 10 November 2012

The A-Z of ME!!

Hey Lovely People,

Missed has felt so weird that I haven't spoken to you on here since last Sunday. So strange, the work load has got better but I'm thinking I've probably got at least another week to sort out my work load, so it may be another quiet week for this blog. I really hope you don't mind. 

Its the weekend and its normally my lifestyle/personal post on a Saturday, I thought I'd do this little tag that has been floating around a few of the blogs that I love to read. It is the A-Z tag. Let's see how this goes...

Age: 22
Bed Size: Single (such a random question) 
Chore you hate: I don't enjoy any chores but I really hate cleaning windows
Dogs: One, Snowy as in the name of TinTin's dog. It was the parent's idea. He is now 5 years old and cute as ever.

Essential start to the day: Stretch, Fight the urge to stay in bed. make a cup of tea, drink it, shower, put make up and clothes on leave the house.
Favourite colour: I have a few.. I like Purple, Red, Mint Green
Gold or silver: Gold please
Height: I'd say about 5'8" (I haven't measured myself in a while) 
Instruments you play: I play the Keyboard and a bit of Piano. I'd love to play the Guitar one day
Job title: this is a difficult one to answer... I'm going to put Trainee Teaching Assistant/Agency Worker
Kids:.None (still got to find that man)
Live: Just outside of Wolverhampton with my day I shall move out
Mother's name: Liz/Lizzy 
Nicknames: Clareabella, Clareyfairy (for two reasons), amongst others.
Overnight hospital stays: *touchwood* never had to.
Pet peeves: Poor Grammar in blog posts, loud music on buses. people talking through films/concerts
Quote from a movie: for quotes there is only one place you can go... Disney. Just found this on google. Look at these nuggets of wisdom.

Right or left-handed: Right
Stores you love: Primark, New Look, Dorothy Perkins, Amazon, HMV, Boots, Superdrug
Time you wake up: If I'm working 7.15, if I'm not 8.30
Underwear: What is this supposed to mean? I wear them haha.
Vegetable you hate: Sprouts, Cabbage, Peas (but not Petit Pois)
What makes you run late: If I forgot something probably. 
Xrays you've had: I've had some on my teeth but thats it.
Yummy food you make: .ooh I can make nice cookies and muffins. I make a mean Lemon Chicken and Egg Fried Rice or Chicken Chow Mein and I like making pasta dishes.
Zoo animals: I like most zoo animals, apart from the reptiles... they freak me out and I hate Snakes!!

So there you go there is my A-Z. I shall return tomorrow with my favourites of the week.

Till Next Time,


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  1. Oooh I really enjoyed reading this!
    Love the personal/lifestyle post on Saturdays :)

    Might do this myself, I'll make sure to link you if I do! x


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