Saturday, 17 November 2012

Lets have a catch up

Hello Lovely People,

Hope you are all well. I have nothing special to blog about today, so I thought instead we would have a little natter. That way I can tell you a bit about my life at the moment. Lets see how this goes, grab a cuppa and a biscuit and we shall begin...


So up first, I currently have the worst cold in the world. One of the downsides of working in a school with children is that you will probably catch anything going around. That means that I am stuck with a cold which probably won't leave me until after Christmas, always happens every year.

Secondly, I found my Ipod... I lost it two weeks ago but I knew it was in my house. This morning, whilst deep cleaning I found it. (not an exciting story but oh well). In other bits of related Apple news... I debating getting an Ipad in the new year. So I have some questions for lovely readers:

  • Who has an Ipad and Iphone, is it worth having both? (my currently phone contract also goes out in the new year... Good bye rubbish Blackberry!!)
  • What is the best way of getting an Ipad... Contract or straight up (just wifi) option?
  • Which is better? Ipad or Ipad mini?

Thirdly, I'm still trudging through my work but I want to come back to blogging. I'm thinking maybe doing 1 beauty , 1 fashion, 1 personal and the Sunday loves posts for a fortnight and seeing how it works out. What do you think of this?

Finally, some blog related things:
  1. I am currently co-hosting a blog hop with two lovely people... I'll link to that post here
  2. Still finding new people that are local to me... this is really exciting especially when I can get to meet them at meet ups etc... how about in the comments we all put where we are from? 
  3. I am currently on 264 GFC followers. I would love to hit 300 by Christmas. For this I need your help, if you like my blog... please tell someone about it, your friends, your twitter followers, your dog...anyone and I'll be very greatful ( I hope this doesn't seem like begging)
  4. I'm currently having a love/hate relationship with my blog name and blog layout... any views on either of these?

Thats all for this update. If you have any comments on the questions I have asked or you just want to say. Leave me a message below. 

Till Next Time,



  1. Sorry about your cold :(
    I have an ipad and an iphone, and I really just use the ipad when I am watching tv, or when I go on trips because it is light. I just use the wifi, it seems to be just about everywhere. The ipad mini looks really cool though, I need to go to an apple store and check it out :)

    1. thanks for the advice :) xx

  2. Get better soon hun! I for one love your blogname and especially your layout, it is pretty unique I think :) I'm stuck with my contract and poopy Blackberry for another year so I'd love to know which Apple device you choose in the end, still not sure whether I'd like to get an Iphone afterwards as I only had Blackberrys for about 6 or 7 years now xx

    1. thanks for that. I have a love hate thing with my blog name. I think I just want my blog looking grown up xx

  3. I have both an iPhone & iPad, I didn't bother getting a contract for the iPad though, as I have my iPhone data allowance that I can tether with so my iPad can connect via that if there is no wifi available (: I think it's handy having both personally! The iPad mini is so cute though, I'm not sure what I'd choose if I was buying one for the first time now! Hope you can make up your mind (:

    L x

    1. Great advice there. Thanks xx

  4. I want to do a meet up! xx

    1. I've said it on twitter and I'll say it here. Do a meet up so I can meet you!! xx

  5. Hi Clare, just wanted to let you know I have nominated you for the Liebster and Versatile Blog Award after I was also nominated :) All info can be found on my blog, xx

  6. Get better soon!

  7. i like your blog layout its cutee :D i wouldnt know about the ipad things though but i love my ipod :) xxx


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