Friday, 2 November 2012

Fashion Wishlist

Hey LPs,

Hows it going? Well I hope.
Today I bring you a little showing into what I am currently craving. I've let myself go wild on Picmonkey so I hope you like my wishlist. Here we go:

1,  2,  3,  4,  5

It could have been longer than 5 things, but I didn't want you lovely people to get bored and switch off. So what do you think? I tried to do a mix of everything. I am currently loving the coat, I like the fact that it has the skirt detail (meaning it would swish around) and also that it has a zip and belt instead of buttons, its nice to have a change. I think I could probably style this coat smartly for when I go out but also just for when I go out in ballet pumps, leggings and a long t-shirt.

The shoes are an interesting on for me. I've seen them all over the place, I think they look comfortable (as they are effectively trainers) but they are also stylish. I like these ones especially because they are slightly different looking, with the tapestry detailing. 

Number three is a bag that seems to match two of my current loves together, studs and rose gold. The bag looks a decent size plus with it being nude colour, it will be able to wear it with many outfits.

Now number four, Tesco Clothing have come up trumps here with this lace tunic. It uses the feminine lace in a lovely purple shade perfect for Autumn/Winter and it even has a studded collar, which just tops this over the edge.

Number five, some of you are probably wondering why there is a bra on the page. Well as most of you know, I do Zumba twice a week and I also try and visit the gym if I can and when I go to do exercise I obviously wear a sports bra, otherwise I'd give myself a black eye. I own a white sports bra (which I bought from M &S, not the most comfortable) and I have a black one (which came from La Senza before they went into administration, really comfortable) however the tops that I have found are best to Zumba in show the bras through the tops and there is only one way to conker this problem is a nude bra. These are very elusive to find on the high street but I stumbled on this one from Freya Lingerie    (a brand I've heard of since starting this blog) which comes in a lot of the larger sizes (always good for the ladies with ample bosom, like myself). This bra is definitely something I'm going to keep my eye on and eventually try.

So, what do think of my wishlist? What is on yours this week?
Leave me a comment below.

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  1. I love the lace tunic sooo pretty and your right about the colour its so perfect for autumn winter. I'd never heard of Freya lingerie but will definitely check them out, I'm a 36G so always on the look of for shops that do bras to fit! x

  2. Arhh I tried this coat on the other day and it looks even better on! Hopefully I'll get around to actually buying it.

    Where do you do zumba? I've considered trying it!

    1. I do Zumba at my local leisure centre. I've written a Zumba related post if you want to look at that xx

  3. Great blog!
    I love the coat & bag.

    Thanks for the follow, ive followed back.

    Have you joined my Blog Hop?

    Thanks xx

  4. Hi,
    new follower found you through a blog hop. I LOVE that coat! I have a Pillar box red coat, with the same kind of skirty bottom affair, I love it feels so girly and cute :D

    ( )

    1. Where did you get your coat from? It sounds amazing x


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