Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Cold updates

Hello lovely people,

How are you all? 
I'm still fighting off my cold and also fighting off the actual cold, it's starting to get really cold out there!

So today's post is all about some of my autumn/winter beauty essentials. I have picked five products so without any more distractions or rambling shall we look at my snazzy collage picture?

Pretty right. So I cheated and put two lipsticks in but I couldn't choose between them. I have picked:

  • MAC Rebel - So I talked about this little fella before in a wishlist. Well I caved in and treated myself about a month ago. This lipstick is a much blogged about and is definitely a blogger favourite for the Autumn/Winter. Its a darker colour than I'm used to but its a colour I am loving. Review up soon.
  • Rimmel London Kate Moss Matte in 107 - Another blogger favourite. Its a deep red colour, which is really wearable.
  • Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub - I bought one of these in a blog sale recently to see what the fuss was about. I can see what all the chatter is about. This little tub will help keep my lips nice and smooth during this cold winter.
  • Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Range - My hair can sometimes get a bit icky in the winter. I have tried and love the Hair Mask from this range and I have fallen in love the smell and what it does to my hair... I might treat myself to the Shampoo and Conditioner next.
  • Vaseline Aloe Vera -  Now this little pot has two purposes in my life at the moment. Firstly, it is a good lip balm/lip protector. Secondly it is perfect for putting on sore noses that have been rubbed by silly tissues all day. What I do is rub a small amount of the Vaseline on at night and in the morning I just wash my face in the morning. The Aloe Vera in the Vaseline helps with the soreness. 

There are my five cold weather favourites. Have you got any cold favourites? Leave me a comment below.

Till Next Time,



  1. Looking forward to seeing a review of MAC Rebel! I have been hearing good things about that shade :)

    xx Ellie 

    1. Rebel is awesome. Thanks for the comment :) xx

  2. I lovvvve Rebel, and the 107 xx

  3. I reallly want to try some of the kate moss collection! xxx

    1. 107 is the only one I've tried but I like it xx

  4. I have the mini versions of the herbal essences shampoo and condition to take to the gym, really like them the conditioner's very hydrating :)

  5. If you love the bubblegum lip scrub lush has a limited edition popcorn lip scrub for the holidays. Cheerful!


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