Saturday, 24 November 2012

ASOS Haulette

Hey Lovely People,

How are you?
Today (Saturday), there will be two posts firstly this one a little haul and then later my normal Saturday lifestyley personal post. The reason behind this was that I had plans to have a New Look haul yesterday as I ordered something with the Click and Collect service last weekend, thus meaning I'd pick it up during the week and show you in my Friday Post. BUT I have not received the email yet to say that it is in store (grrr!! I need some of this order for this week!!)

Anyway back to this post, I am a ASOS Premier Customer (ooh get me). We got a special 25% off code for a couple of days this week and of course I had to take advantage of this. I didn't go crazy because I have the Clothes Show to look forward to soon so I need to save up some money for that but I did buy two things. 

Firstly I bought a bag. It is a nude colour bag with studs on from River Island and it was priced at £20. I needed one for an outfit I'm putting together soon. I am aware that there are cheaper versions around but I just thought that I'd get this one because of the free next day delivery option that I get with ASOS ( I am not really in the house much so its good to get good delievery...especially at weekends) It has a long strap perfect for wearing for a night out and there are compartments inside for your phone and also a zip pocket. Here's a picture:

Secondly and Finally, I bought a Benefit Bo-ing Concealer. I have heard good things about this concealer, especially with getting rid of under eye circles (the one demon that I have with my face... I'm forever tired). The price normally is £16.50, which is steep but with my whole total being around £28, I effectively got the concealer for half price (and thats the logic I'm sticking to!)

So there you go... my mini little haul. If I get my New Look order this week then I shall make a post out of that sometime next week. 

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  1. I loveee that bag! Lucky moo xx

    1. Its lovely. I love the long strap on it :) x

  2. ohh love the bag! And also loving the new background :)

    Georgia x

    p.s. Enter my giveaway to win Kukee Jewellery!

  3. Lovely bag! I want to try Boi-ing so let us know how it is.

  4. Ive got my eye on that bag too ;) great minds haha! xox

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