Saturday, 6 October 2012

Style Birmingham 2012

Hey Lovely People,

Today's lifestyle event is a part life, part fashion post. Why you ask? Well last Saturday I took a train to Birmingham with my closest friend Vicky to go to Style Birmingham, which is a catwalk show that happens every year and shows off some lovely clothes.

Now we all know, I'm not always the most fashionable lady in the world but I really enjoyed my day and I wanted to show you a snapshot of my day, be warned there shall be an awful lot of pictures.

I dressed for comfort but also tried to style it out. I picked my favourite New Look (Inspire) Dress, Black Sainsburys (TU) Cardigan and tights. 

The train to Birmingham was fun, we found someone had left a copy of the Daily Star on the seat so we read it. We laughed and caught up on gossip. Then got off the train, had a wander round then made our way to the Mailbox, where it was taking place.

The whole thing was hosted by Martine McCutcheon, who popped out before the show to say hello, then the show started. There were 8 "scenes" ranging from Heritage to Oriental (and everything between), which all had clothes from everywhere, all of which you could locate somewhere in Birmingham. For example, there were pieces you could find in Selfridges and the Mailbox (such as a  Victoria Beckham Dress or a snazzy pair of Christian Louboutin shoes) but there were also some cheaper pieces (even a pair of shoes from Primark). Here's some snapshots (be aware that my camera wasn't so sure about the movement and flashy lights.. I think the loud music scared it too.. hehe):

After the catwalk, Martine showed her lovely face again to take questions along with Celebrity Stylist Bradley Taylor to answer a few questions from the audience and show off a few models again in some of the styles in the show. There was also a small interview with a very special model of the day, Greg Rutherford (Olympic Gold Medalist and all round sweetie)

All in all, a good day totally worth the £10 ticket price (all though I only paid £5 for each of my two tickets because I bought them a blogger who no longer needed them). Everyone who went also got given a goody bag, which contained a lot of things ranging from chocolate cake covering and sugar to tissues and beauty samples.

The rest of the day involved some shopping (I got some Muji Storage- yay and my Primark Jumper from the last post) and some eating (Wetherspoons- you do good food).

Muji Madness (YAY!!)

I shall definitely be going again next year, maybe meet some bloggers because I didn't get chance this year, maybe even go with one if I can persuade Gemma from Button's Blog to come along. Congratulations for getting to the end of this mammoth post.

Till Next Time, 


  1. Looks like you had a brilliant day! I love the muji storage.


  2. Persuading done :) Ill come, looks like a fab day out and so glad you enjoyed yourself sweetie xx

  3. Looked like a fab day. I will have to see about going next year seems a reasonable price too. especially with all them goodies! @cherrybombbtq

  4. Just got your link from the bbloggers chat!
    Looks like a fun day, I really wanna go :)


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