Friday, 19 October 2012

Prairie Charms and Prairie Dogs

Hello LPs,

OK before we start there are no Prairie dogs, it just came to me in my head. I come today with another bracelet post. This time from Prairie Charms.

Prairie Charms make lovely handmade bracelets and rings, some designed by them but also (and here's the cool bit) some are designed using ideas from a few lucky bloggers. But there is more...

Not only do they make really lovely bracelets but for every bracelet sold, a donation is given to GOSH (Great Ormond Street Hospital), which means we the customers get some brilliant jewellery and a great charity gets some well deserved money.. its win win all round.

Want to see what I got?

So I got three "blogger" bracelets. These are the ones that are designed by bloggers. The ones I picked were due to personal choice and not because I liked the blogger. I love all three of these bracelets, lets go through them one by one.

This friendship style bracelet was picked because it looked different to many friendship bracelets I've seen around.It has black dice with white spots on and the two beads on the end are in rose gold (the greatest of all golds)

 I like my jewellery to look slightly different (my necklaces would help me prove my point. I feel like I should show my jewelerry collection off... leave me a comment if you are interested in this).

The second bracelet I picked is this lovelly charm bracelet. It is a blue beaded bracelet with four Alice in Wonderland style charms, which are from the top going clockwise a rabbit, a crown, a tea pot and a key. When I first saw this bracelet on the website, I was worried that the blue would transfer onto my skin but I was so wrong. I wore this bracelet all day to the Style Birmingham Event and my wrist remained blue free.

The final set that I chose were these three lovely pearl bracelets, which all have star charms on them. I think these are really cute, I have worn these to school because they look lovely but are not overly in your face. I can never refuse pearls, I think that they are timeless and sophisticated so as soon as I saw these they were put straight in my basket.

So now you have seen my little Prairie Charm order. They're all lovely don't you think? I had great customer service from them and couldn't say a bad word about the bracelets that I bought. The packaging that they come in also needs a mention. All the bracelets were put in separate plastic small bags and then the whole thing was wrapped up paper and then a ribbon was put on and it was tied in a bow (so cute). Sadly I don't have any pictures of this because I was changing from the camera I used to use to my new one and the pictures never transferred.

So what do you think of them? If you want to order some yourself the website can be found here and they also have a twitter account which is @Prairie_Charms. They currently have a 50% off code going on so its definitely worth a quick look around the site.

Thats all for me for this time,
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