Friday, 26 October 2012

OOTD Off to Class #3

Hey LPs,

Did you enjoy my haul post earlier today? Most of you in the comments for my give away said that they were your favourites so I  hope you enjoyed reading how I spent my money.

So onto my second post of the day. This is kind of my way of saying sorry to you all for not posting on Wednesday. It is what I wore to class this week. 

As you may have worked out, the most stylish that I get is going to college on a Wednesday. This is because if I'm work I dress smart but comfy because I work with Reception children (a lot of bending down is done, paint can always go everywhere, you know the score) and at the weekend I live in what I like to call comfys, which consist of tracksuit bottoms/leggings and a t-shirt (with a hoody and think socks if its cold) because I don't really leave the house haha. 

So this Wednesday, it was relatively cold but the room is always warm so my outfit had to reflect that. Do you want to know what I wore? Here it is:

Look whose had a go with playing with photobucket effects. What do you think? 
Anyways the outfit.. I went for a old New Look Sheer Black and Cream Batwing top with a vest top underneath that I think came from ASOS. On my bottom half, I went for my trusty skinny jeans from the Inspire Range at New Look (these jeans are become less trusty because I'm actually losing weight now so they like to slid down). Then on my feet I put my new brown/stone studded boots, which were so comfy. 

On my face, I put foundation (Maxfactor's new up shortly), mascara (Benefit They're Real) and Lipstick (MAC Creme Cup). So simple.

So there you are, that is what I wore on Wednesday to class. What do you think?
Till Next Time Lovelies,



  1. I like the strips on that top, simple but so practical :)


    1. thank you sweetie. I found this top at the back of the wardrobe and I'm glad I did xx

  2. Love the top and the lipstick looks gorgeous on you! xx


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