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MUA Artiste Collection Palette

Hey LPs,

Me again (would you be worried if it wasn't) and this time I come to you with another MUA palette. This one is called the Artiste Collection Palette and it is slightly different to the ones I've talked about before. 

Why? Well unlike any other MUA palette I've rambled on about before this one is not only eye shadows  oh no, this one has a few extra little things with it. But before we start, lets look at the packaging.

So as you can see this palette has the MUA famous black palette with clear front face. The one difference you can see is the set up of the eye shadows, blushes and other little goodies.

Shall we do some swatches? First up are the eye shadows of which there are six. I've tried to be snazzy and I've played around with Picmonkey... please tell me what you think.

So we have:
  • Pistachio- a minty blue toned white... Pistachio really does describe it.
  • Mocca - this colour is going to be a perfect lazy day shade.
  • Ice - this is a blue shade, not sure whether I shall be using this that much... we'll see.
  • Grape - the seems to be a deep purple. I've recently been enjoying a purple eye so I'm excited to play around with this one.
  • Chocolate - it does what it says on the tin. Its a brown. It does have a slight shimmer to it.. not that I'm complaining. I've been a fan of MUA's brown shades so far so lets see how this one goes.
  • Cookie - this is a matt brown. I prefer Chocolate but this one is still a nice neutral brown, so it will be used as much as the others.
Overall I'm really loving these shades, I can see myself using all of the shades in some way or another. I'm really excited to try Mocca... I think this will be one of my favourites out of the six.

Now as I probably said before the bottom row contains something different. Along the bottom there is two blushes, a bronzer and a highlighter. Before we start the swatches, I have to say that when it comes to bronzers and highlighters... I know nothing so I can't really chat much about these but I shall give you swatches.

  • Pink Sparkle - it does what it says on the tin... it's pink and it has some sparkles in it. I've read on a few blogs that some people have named it MUA's answer to NARS Orgasm, which sounds very exciting to me.
  • Primrose - this is a matt blush. It is a darker shade than pink sparkle but that is good because I'm still learning about blushers so having variety is a good thing.
  • Bronzed - this is the bronzer shade... I guess you'd already worked this out. I can't really say much as I don't know a lot about bronzers, I tend to stay away from them otherwise I will probably use them wrong and end up like an extra from Jersey Shore.
  • Shimmer Kiss - this is the highlighter. I have no knowledge on highlighters either. If anyone would like to teach me...feel free.

So there you go. Its the prettiest palette I have ever seen. I love the effect on the eyeshadows is beautiful and the shade range is perfect for creating a range of looks. Overall, I love this little palette as it has more than one purpose and use. 

It retails for £6 and can be found in Superdrug or online on the MUA website. You really can't go wrong with it, go on treat yourself.

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  1. I really really really want this, but because I'm being super thrifty - I'm waiting until they have 35k likes on fb and get 35% off line :p xx

  2. The blushers look lovely! Just to let you know your guest post is up :) xx

  3. this seems like a great "to bring with u" palette :) xx

  4. aak so lovely pallete i hope MUA can open store in my country :)
    love the blush colours :*


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