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Make friends, Make Friends... Never Ever Break Friends.

Hello Lovely People (LPs)

So when I was thinking of lifestyle posts for this week, I was really puzzled what to chat about but just when I nearly gave up, I received a couple of great texts from a couple of amazing friends and that made me write this post.


As I have said before, when I first meet people I can be really quiet and rather reclusive. However this hasn't always been the way.

In first school, as far as I can remember I was as crazy and bubbly as the next child. The great thing about primary school I think is that there are never cliques, everyone just gets on with anyone. I made many great friends in primary school, however I lost touch with many because of going to different middle schools in my area (luckily I've found some now through facebook and we now chat). My first best friend was made in first school and we are still going strong 17 years on (we've never had an argument either).

Middle school and High school became more cliquey and I think made it more difficult to make new friends. Many friends I had in first school ignored me once we moved to middle school because I wouldn't be thought of being popular like them. High School especially tricky friend wise.     Looking back it was probably just the introduction of boys and hormones but those two things caused many problems including a lot of bitching. I was quite glad to finally leave my school in sixth form because the bitchiness had gone to a new level. I can count the number of people I still talk to from my later school years on one hand but like the ones that I made in Primary School lifelong friends.

Now when I went to University, as you will know if you have read this post, I had some issues with mean girls in my first year. I'm not going to go into it again because the girls in question don't deserve the effort it would take to type it out again (harsh yes... but they were vile). However instead I am going to talk about the two groups of friends that I was part of in University. Two groups you ask, yep. I did two subjects so I had two lots of people that I chatted to. The Theology lot, were good for a chat about uni work or television but never the deep friendship best friend chats. The Education Studies group however were most of my support system in Uni and still now (we've got a whatsapp ongoing conversation going on in case anyone wants a chat). I sadly don't get to see them all as much as I would like as we're all busy doing different jobs now so getting together is more difficult but if anyone of them reads this, I think you are all great... can we meet up soon, I want to take more pictures like these ones:

In the present day, I am glad of the friends I have got. I've got good old friends from school and uni but I have also got new ones that I have gained from college and also from writing this blog right here. I mean without this blog, I wouldn't have started chatting to many of the lovely people I text and tweet on a daily basis like Natalie, Gemma, Zoe, Laura and Stacey (just to name a few). All girls I would truly call my friends even though we have never met face to face. I can go chat to any of them if I need to and I know they will come back to me with love and support and I hope they know I would do the same for them. 

So what am I saying in this post? I guess that I'm trying to say that you will not be friends with everyone in the world, yes there will be people who don't like you or you don't like them but try to be civilised (please no bitching, its not nice.. I know we all do it sometimes but its going to hurt someone), get a good group of people around you and have a great life. We only get one after all, don't waste it being bitter, spend it with a happy face and a heart full of love.

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  1. Loved reading this :)
    And you're very right, accept that there are people out there that you're just not meant to have in your life. Not everyone can get along. Be thankful for those that you do get along with..

    1. Thanks for the comment. I'm glad that you enjoyed reading this post. I loved writing it :D xx

  2. This was cute :) I lovvvvve you xx

    1. Right back at you. You rock... I lovvvvvvvvve you xx

  3. So true! Lovely post. Most people probably would of called me lucky, I always hung out with the popular kids and whatnot which is not as fun as it seems! Most people would act like they were your friends but stab you in the back from behind. I think it's better to have like two or three people who you can trust rather than a bunch of fake friends at the end of the day xx

  4. Awww this is lovely! :D made a huge smile appear on my face!
    yes off course we can chat whenever you need anything :) you are a lovely friend :)

    I definitely agree with everything you said, and can relate a lot of what you have said about your experience too... I am only friends with a handful of people from School and College and had drama at University. I think when you are still at School/Uni you worry and fret about the friends you have then but like you say, you come to realise once you leave school that the true friends stand out and you really do learn who you can rely on... and friendship can come from lots of different places :-)

    Loves :D xxx

  5. Such a lovely post. friends are amazing and we are always accumulating more as life goes on.

    Your new follower.



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