Sunday, 14 October 2012

Loves of the Week #3

Hello Lovely People,

Sunday again. You know what that means! Loves of the Week numéro trois (number three-guess that language).

So by now you should know the routine, we will have the same categories.. so off we go!!!!


Favourite Blogger: So this week, I have picked the oh so lovely Ace Stace Beauty. One of the loveliest ladies I have met, I love a good chat with her on Twitter and I have really enjoyed her Beauty Bargain Essential posts.She is definitly one blogger I'd love to meet one day. Also our paypal accounts know each other very well because she's got a blog sale blog too. Go and grab a bargain from here there. If you want to visit this lovely lady, click on her lovely face below. 

Favourite Beauty Product: Real Technique Stippling Brush. Hands Down. I bought it very recently and it has replaced my old no name foundation brush now. Its just so good. I'm posting about the blush brush and stippling brush this week so look out for that.

Favourite Event: My favourite event this week has definitely been deciding that us Midlands Bloggers deserve a meet up. If you saw yesterdays post or are just visiting from the Sunday #bbloggers chat, myself and Kelsey (@MissPenelope90) have thought that there should be a bloggers meet up in Birmingham in January. For more details, go and look at the last post or tweet me.

Favourite Post I have written this week: Apart from yesterday's post, my favourite this week was the MAC Fanfare post because it gave me the chance to show off one of the most loveliest lipsticks I own and the comments so far have been lovely.

Favourite Youtube Video/ Song: This week's favourite YouTube Videos comes from a funny online guy called Chris Kendall. His newest video (the one I have picked) has him doing impressions of pictures of animals that he found on the internet. It made me chuckle this week, I hope you all enjoy it.

There are my favourites of the week. What have been yours? Leave a comment below.

Till Next Time,



  1. I really enjoyed this post, such a lovely idea :) I wish I could come to the meetup as I live only half an hour away from Brum, but I go travelling on the 3rd so no chance :( xx

    1. Aww thanks. Well maybe if this one goes well we can have a summer one. You could come to that one xx

    2. Ha just realised how funny it looks us both being called Clare! Good name :) Yeah that would be great, would love to hear how it goes as well! xx

    3. haha yeah. Both spelt the same way too ( the best way). I get an email when I get a new comment so when you left one it confused me because I was thinking hang on I haven't replied to one recently. haha

      I'm sure they'll be a post about how it goes xx

  2. Thanks so much for introducing me to Stacey's blog :) I love a good blog sale :)

    Great Post again hunni :)

  3. This post is so cute!!! Love your picks, and love the video, it was so hilarious! Thanks for sharing your link with me via twitter, hope you check and like my blog too :)


    MayT Essentials

    1. Haha I'm glad someone enjoyed my video pick :D xx


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