Friday, 26 October 2012

Haul Time (yet again oops)

Hello LPs,

How are you all? Did you miss me on Wednesday? If you follow me on twitter you will know that I had issues with a post that I was going to put up, decided to delete itself and I didn't have enough time to redo it (technology eh?). 

So today for fashion friday, to say sorry I am going to put up two posts. Firstly, this haul and then later there is going to be a OOTD of what I wore to class this week.

So my haul... I was a little bit naughty but I had my reasons (well kinda). Most of this haul was a New Look Click and Collect order but I may have slipped and fell into Primark. I shall start with New Look and move onto others after shall we? Please be aware there shall be A LOT of pictures.

New Look haul consists of:
  • Two sets of earrings = I'm liking spikes and these floated my boat.
  • Two sets of boots = One flat heeled (I'd seen these on a few blogs and thought that I needed a pair) and one heeled (I thought they looked cute, not sure what to wear them with yet).
  • Two tops = One t-shirt I found in the sale section (its got an owl and a funny like on...what more can you want?) and a batwinged short sleeved jumper.
  • A dress = Its a purple tea dress with birds on it... I have ideas of how I'm going to style this out.
  • A Bag = I use a satchel style bag instead of the conventional handbag because of the sheer amount of stuff I carry around. This bag is just the right size and it has studs on it (because we all like studs don't we).
  • A hat - Now I've seen it... I'm not so sure about it. I might take it back, we'll see.
  • Finally, the heart shaped photo holder. Random yes but I needed something to go on a wall to replace an old picture that I took down. My room is mostly, purple and white so I picked this little thing up. Hopefully, I'll find some nice pictures to go in it now.
So there's what came in my New Look order, however as I said before I may have popped into Primark and picked some things up. Shall we have a look at my cheeky purchases:

Quite restrained by my standards really haha. So we have:
  • One Pair of Studded Slipper style shoes. These little things seem to be everywhere so I treated myself to some. I have really bad reasoning skills haha.
  • One Pair of studded boots. I've seen these around on blogs and I thought they were really cute looking. As I had just collected two sets of black boots, I went for the brown ones. (To make myself clear they are also available in Black)
  • One cushion. Why did I buy this when I already had three cushions already sitting on my little single bed. Well the reason was that it looked cute, I have an owl obsession at the moment, and I have no real restraint. PLUS it was a bargain so what can I do haha.

There is my haul. Congratulations for getting all the way through this post if you did. 

Till Next Time,



  1. I love the cushion! How much did it cost? x

    1. I believe that it was around £6. I think they were new to the store because the people on the tills hadn't seen them before xx

  2. Omg your haul is massive lol! Soo like me *covers face*

    1. hehe. Its not normal for me to buy this much in one go xx

  3. I love the heart photo holder! I saw it the other day and thought how cute it was x

  4. Thanks Sarah. I saw it on the website and thought that I had to have it hehe xx


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