Friday, 12 October 2012

Cutey Bracelets

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I've come to you today with a lovely jewellery post.

So recently on twitter, I saw that Cutey Jewellery wanted some bloggers to review some of their bracelets. After having a quick mooch on their website, I put myself forward and I was picked (yay). 

Cutey specialise in Shamballa and Charm Bracelets, which are pretty and reasonably priced. Want to see what I got?

Pretty right? They remind me of Pandora Bracelets, the popular (yet not overly purse friendly) charm bracelet brand. The thing about these bracelets is that the charms stay on them, they can't be taken on and off like Pandora's.

The two I have are called Oizys (the one on the left) and Typhon (the one on the right). Both have some pretty beads and some charms ranging from stars to bags and other things in between. If you click the image above you can look in more detail.

They are so cute and in the colours that I received they will go with most outfits, which is a total bonus. They fit well and aren't too tight and are brilliantly made.

The price of these little beauties is £12.99* each and available at, they are also on twitter and can be found at @cutey. 

Thats all this time. Any questions leave me a comment below my dears.
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