Saturday, 20 October 2012

25 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Hey LPs,

So as some of you might know I spend far too much of my time on YouTube. I have recently been seeing a tag called 25 things you might not know about me. So my plan for the day is to do this tag as my lifestyle blog for the week. I hope this is OK. If you are all sitting comfortably then we shall begin.

  1. I am 22 years old. I turn 23 in August.
  2. I am a Leo. (grr)
  3. When I was a teenager, I was an emo/grebo and wore nothing but black.
  4. I have only seen one band live and that is Kasabian. I loved the experience and would love to go again.
  5. I love all things 50's. The hairstyles (I've tried doing pin curls once) and the dresses.
  6. I am a very quiet person when you first meet me. It will take me a while to open up to you and have a chat but once that has happened I will be your friend for life.
  7. I have known my one of my best friends for 18 years and we are as close as ever.
  8. I own over 250 dvds (guess where my student loan went)
  9. I only own 1 pair of jeans. I hardly wear them any more because I feel a lot more comfortable in dresses and leggings.
  10. I own about 50 pairs of shoes. You can never feel fat in a pair of shoes.
  11. I am half Welsh.
  12. I own and have read all the Twilight books (including The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner)
  13. I never read all of the Harry Potter series.
  14. I have one older brother, who now lives in Bristol.
  15. I have phobias of snakes, flying and wax models.
  16. I began my blog at the end of June and I still can't believe that I have over 230 followers. It still makes me happy when I get a comment or follower.
  17. I love to cook and bake. My favourite thing to cook is Lemon Chicken and Egg Fried Rice.
  18. I love Disney Films.
  19. There is only two people who actually know what I am doing on this little blog, my friend Vicky who I think I've mentioned before on here and also one of my friends who found out by following my blog's twitter. My parents don't even know.
  20. I have a dog. His name is Snowy. The name comes from Tintin.
  21. I spend far too much time on YouTube and Twitter...oops.
  22. I'm a very organised person. If I know I'm going to be doing something I work out an outfit ready up to a week in advice.
  23. I only started drinking coffee a year ago. I had never drunk it before then, but I just enjoyed the smell from afar.
  24. I've never broken a bone (touch wood I won't any time soon)
  25. I am a complete dork when I get together with my friends (casing point the picture at the top)
So there you go. I hope you've liked this post. I tag you all to do this post. If you do have a go please leave a link below, because I'm very very nosey.

Till Next Time,



  1. Loved this post - I'm half welsh too! :) xx

    1. haha snap :D I'm half welsh on my mum's side xx

  2. Haha I hate flying and wax models too! And have never broken a bone properly :) great tag! xx

    1. I've never met many other people who hate wax models. They just freak me out, my family think I'm strange xx


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