Sunday, 30 September 2012

Things I have loved this week... 24/9 -30/9/2012

Hey Lovely People,

So I am still debating whether to carry on with Sunday posts or to cut down to 4 posts a week. I have come up with this idea to do a "things I have loved this week", in which I am going to do my favourites of the week in five catagories (favourite blogger, beauty product, event, post of mine, youtube video/song). 

I want a better name for this feature. Any ideas?

love story

So for this week we have:
  • Favourite Blogger: So this week, my favourite blogger is Natalie of Natalie Roseanne's Nails and Beauty Blog. Her blog is lovely, the lay out is simple yet pretty, she blogs often and about both nails and beauty/make up. Plus, she is a lovely lady. I've chatted to her daily pretty much from when I started my blog. We started by emailing each other, then it turned into BBM and now we text most days. She is brilliant and I can talk to her about the things with blogging that I can't really talk about with anyone else. If you would like a mooch, click the banner below.

  • Favourite Beauty Product: There were a few products that I have picked as my favourite this week. My new nail varnish from Essie is a good one, but this week I'm going to have to say MAC Blankety is my favourite product of the week. The review/post is coming soon but for a sneak peek, Blankety is a Pinky Beige, pretty much lip colour but it is so amazing I love it.
  • Favourite Event:  Events can be something that has happened in my life.My favourite this week has been going to Style Birmingham with my best friend ever, Vicky. We went to the 1.30 show in the Mail box, saw some amazing fashion and then we went out for food and did a little shopping (haul will be along this week). Sad I didn't get chance to meet up with the other bloggers during the day, but I'm sure I will next time.
  • Favourite Post I have written this week: I have enjoyed the MAC haul post, however my favourite post this week has been my Dirty Works Banish the Bags Review. I haven't reviewed much recently so it was good to get back in the spirit of it all.
  • Favourite Video/Song: My favourite video only got put on today but it made me chuckle, although it might just be my sense of humour. What do you think.

So there they are and there is my post. What do you think of this format?
Any comments will help me.
Till Next Time,



  1. I loveeee Blankety, it's lovely :) This post was cute xx

  2. A great idea for a post; it's really good! xx

  3. Loved this post :), thank you so much for including me :).

    *hugs sweetie pie*



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