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#PassionForFashion Money Supermarket Entry

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Today I bring you my entry for the Money Supermarket #PassionForFashion Competition. Like the New Look Competition, the competition involves creating 5 outfits ( Outdoors, Casual, Party, Office and First Date) and the special twist for this one is that each outfit has to come under £200. Click the picture below for more details.

I really enjoyed this competition so without further a we go.


Coat- New Look
Jumper - New Look
Skinny Jeans - New Look
Scarf - Matalan
Bag- Matalan
Boots- Matalan

So my outdoors outfit has a snug, keep warm, kind of comfy feel to it. When the weather gets colder, I like to get all comfy. The boots will keep my feet warm and are still on trend every winter. The jumper is stylish, with the studs but will also keep me warm. 
I love the coat. I am currently on the look for a nice trench style coat for this winter. Finally the bag  looks amazing and its on my wishlist.


Black Vest - New Look
Galaxy Leggings - New Look (No Longer Online)
Leather Jacket - New Look
Bag- New Look
Converse- Schuh

Casual is all about comfort. I own the leggings so I know for sure that they are comfortable. I've paired them with a nice loose fitting vest top and converse to increase the comfort, plus I think they look good together. I have added a studded Leather Jacket and a studded bag. I have matched the galaxy prints and studs together as they are both key fashion trends for the A/W seasons. Nice I think.


Dress - New Look
Earrings - New Look
Bag - New Look
Shoes - New Look
Necklace - ASOS

So my party outfit is very purple and rather simple. I love the colour purple, there is no real other reason behind the colour choice. I can definately see myself in this outfit at a friends birthday or something. Thats all for this one really.


Shirt - New Look
Skirt - F & F Tesco
Shoes - Matalan
Bag - Matalan
Cardigan - Matalan
Lipstick - MAC (in the shade Ruby Woo)

This outfit was an interesting on for me. As I work with children in a school, I don't go for the normal work wear look. I dress relatively smart but also I dress with the thought that I could get covered in paint (or other things) at a moments notice. So for this outfit I went for what I would possibly wear if I went into an office. I would tuck the shirt into the skirt to create a better line. I love the look I went for because I think it has a touch of old school glamour about it. I can see a women wearing something similar to this in a movie, taking down her hair from a bun and doing a good hair swish with all the gentlemen looking on with lust.

First Date

Dress - ASOS Curve
Bracelets - New Look
Tights - Matalan
Coat - ASOS Curve 
Bag - Matalan
Shoes - Matalan

Here is my last outfit. I have not been on many first dates so I don't have much knowledge on the subject. However, the outfit I have picked is something like I would wear everyday, just a little bit snazzier. I think it would look pretty but its also relatively comfy so that when you are trying to impress you will be comfy and able to breathe. I love the coat in this outfit and I think the black and the red together keep it simple and not too crazy. What do you think?

So there are my five outfits, so cute and rather affordable. I got many things from New Look and Matalan because a lot of their items are affordable but also great quality. So what do you think of my choices? What are your favourite outfits? Would you wear any of these? 
Leave me a comment below.

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  1. Love the first date outfit, i did this a few weeks ago and had great fun with it!

    I’m also running a giveaway so would love if you could enter!


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