Saturday, 1 September 2012

Little Blog Update


Second post of the day but I thought I'd write this little post now. Just a few things I want to say about the blog. So I thought I'd do a chatty little update.So....

Number One: I have new blog buttons. They are pretty, pink and sitting down the right hand side now. I have others waiting to come up but I'm not sure if my blog is ready for them yet. The Lovely Ems Designs made them for me along with the new banner, which I think I've already talked about. You can find her at

Number Two : I have a new blog button made by the lovely Sheri of Just Blog it All Instead. It can be found on the page called "Blog Buttons". I want this page to be filled with other bloggers lovely blog buttons. So if you want your button on the page, drop me an email/twitter message.

Number Three: I wrote a blog post recently saying that I was going away and that I was debating whether to schedule or guest. Well I decided to schedule. However, I got a few comments saying that they would like to guest post. If this is still the case, drop me an email because I would love to have you/anyone guest post on my blog ( I love spreading the love around). My plan as I have siad before is to have two guest posts a month, so I'm always on the look out.

Number Four: This is the one I'm most excited about. Today, I hit 150 followers. I got a little bit excited, as I do with every new follower. Now I know that I said that I would do a give away when I hit 100, but that never materialized. I have now, however, got my plan into action, the prize has been bought and once it has been delivered, the give away will be up and running. I'm really excited to give away the prize as its a thank you to all you lovely people for spending time reading my little blog.

That concludes all my updates for now. As this post has no picture, here comes a lovely cute animal picture courtesy of Pinterest. 

hey get off my head

Till Next Time,

P.S This month, I have taken out some advertising on some blogs. Try and find them all :)


  1. have fun and be safe when you're away :)
    and MASSIVE congrats n hitting 150 followers! you ddeserve it doll :)

    BreezeyBee Blog

    PS: you have word verification.

    1. Thanks sweetie. I'm going to Lincolnshire with my parents so I'm sure I'll behave.

      Thank you for telling me about word verification. I think I've turned it off.

    2. You're welcome :)
      And yeah! Word verification is off =]


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