Saturday, 22 September 2012

Life times

Hey Lovely People,

Hows Life for you?

For me this week it has been crazy. As most of you know I am currently training to be a Level 3 Teaching Assistant, which means I spend three days a week working in a reception class volunteering. This wears me out anyway. However this week, I also worked two days doing agency work. This is crazy for me to do a full week of work and for this reason I'm tired, overly tired in fact.

So for that reason I have no proper lifestyle post for this week. Instead, I am rambling on like a tired person. Just so that you don't feel like you've wasted your time, I shall offer out in the comments a way of getting your blog out and getting to know you a bit better. Feel free to say hi, where in the world you are from, what your blog is and if you want ask me a question.


Thats all for now,
Till Next Time,



  1. Am new to the whole world of blogging, but have read through most of your blog in one go this morning, absolutely love it. xx

    1. Aww you are beyond cute. Thank you so much.
      C xx


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