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Lets Talk Body Image

Hello Lovely People,

I don’t think this is going to be my best post ever but it’s a post that I want to write so here it goes. Today I’m going to talk a bit about body image, mostly about my own body image.

body image
Body Image Cartoon
As I have said many times before I can range clothes wise from a 16-20 depending on the cut/shop and style. I have always been a “big girl”, the smallest I remember being in adult sizes is 14. I have always been “cuddly”, my problem is that I love my food, and I never know when to stop ( I am getting better at this).

So growing up, especially in high school, I was always a bit conscious of the way I looked. My friends were always skinner than me and they were always the ones who had the boyfriends and I was the girl with little or no self confidence but could always be relied on by my friends, for a chat or a laugh (which I hope is still the same- well the reliable bit at least).

Whilst in High School, I tried to stay up to date with fashions, however this was not always the case. I often picked outfits that were maybe not the best for my shapes and looking back I cringe but at the time I thought I looked decent enough. I was not bullied but the “popular” group (I hate that term) always made fun of the group of friends I was in so that always niggled at me (what with the lack of confidence).

Through the three years of university, my confidence grew a small amount. I’m not a over forthcoming person, when meeting new people I become very quiet and shy, I am slowly getting better but its still there ( but that’s another story for another day).

My body image in university improved slightly. Mainly because I was able to use student discount to find clothes that suited my figure better (this is the time I found New Look’s Inspire Range). I was still not overly happy with my body though, yes the clothes looked better as I learnt a bit about my style however I was still am 18/20, with thinnish friends, who had loads of confidence and always got the boys.

I think my body image issues and confidence issues have always been hand in hand. I used to feel a bit fat and at sometimes ugly and with all my friends having boyfriends, it didn’t help because I didn’t think I was pretty enough to get one or that there was something wrong with me.

NOW, at the age of 22 I am 16/18/20 still curvy and cuddley but loving life and my body. Obviously like most people, there are things that I wish that I could change ( for me it’s to get a smaller belly), however I have come to love my body and I now have favourite bits, which are the things that I show off. I have a cracking pair of boobs and a great bum and I wouldn’t change myself at all.

I am getting more confident in life, both around people and also with what I chose to wear, I have begun to get out of my confort zone once in a while. I am still single but I’m fine with that, that will change when it changes.

I also have learnt how to style myself better to make best use of my favourite features and how to skim the bits I don’t like.

Positive Body Image
So what do I hope you bring out of this post if anything as I’m guessing that you have already switched off. Well firstly, know that you look gorgeous, I know you do every single person in this world is beautiful. 

Secondly, yes there may be one thing that you may not be overly proud of however, remember the millions of amazing things about yourself (don’t focus on the negative-focus on the many positives).

Finally just remember this, in the words of Christina Aguilera, you are beautiful no matter what they say. Ignore the haters, love the lovers and believe in yourself. You are amazing, you rock and I love you.

In the comments, why don’t you tell me what the favourite thing about yourself? Boobs? Bum? Personality? Tell me.

Till Next Time



  1. Really great post :). You have such a wonderful attitude I wish I could think like that.

    Much love: If you fancy a follow or a nosey. xx

  2. Lovely post, good for you!

    Great blog.

    Rebecca xx

  3. thoroughly enjoyed reading this :) i could have been writing this myself, especially the bit about school life and stuff..
    my favourite bit about myself is my hair and boobs.. if i asked my other half he'd say boobs and smile :) xx

    xtiffyxx - reviews, opinions & life

  4. This is a really good post! So nice to see people who are happy with their bodies xx

  5. Awh, I missed this post when you first wrote it! Clare, this is such a lovely post! I think you're beautiful, inside and out! xx


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