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Let's have a chat about Plus Size Fashion

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So I spend a large chunk of evenings and weekends reading blogs and watching YouTube videos (just a little info for you there). Recently, Louise (Sprinkle of Glitter and the loveliest lady that I talk about a lot on this little blog) put up a video about plus size clothes. I shall link to it here if you are interested.

Her video made me think about my clothes, which in turn made me think of writing about my knowledge of plus size clothes. I know that this post won’t be for everyone however, I hope you stick with me any way.

A little back story/information about me. I am a size 16/18/20 depending on the cut, shape and shop that I get buy the item from. I am, very much,  a skirt/dress and leggings girl rather than jeans girl. This has changed over the years as I was very much a tomboy growing up, who hated wearing dresses. However, as I’ve grown up, developed and as styles and fashion have changed, I have gone the complete opposite.

Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too!

The one thing I used to think about Plus Size clothes growing up is that everything was very much like just wearing a sack or smock, which yes does cover the lumpy bumpy bits but just doesn't flatter anyone. However, through research I have found this to be mostly a big myth, yes there are a few smocky items around but on the whole, there are some lovely clothes ranges and individual items floating around.  

Some styles and fashions I love for the curvier lady are:
  • Skater Dresses/ Skirts – These are comfy and the cut is great for the curvier lady. They cut just under the bust and float over the stomach, which for the plus size lady is sometimes the worst part.
  • Long tops and leggings – This isn’t a style but I love it because its comfy. It can be stylish if done in a way that’s fashionable ( see my last post for my attempt)
  • High Waisted Skirts- These little beauties lie just above the stomach (my worst part) and cover all horrible bits that I don’t like.
  • Batwing tops - This is more of a summer thing but, a great batwing top can look amazing, keep you looking and feeling cool and also hides any unsightly nasty arms.

There are a few places I love to shop. Do you want to know my favourite shops for the curvy lady, well here they are:

  1. New Look – This one is probably obvious if you have seen any of my hauls. Their Inspire range has some great little pieces, in fact my wardrobe is at least half full of little purple Inspire tags. Their clothes are wearable, comfy and fashionable to boot.
  2. ASOS Curve – This is ASOS’ range for larger ladies. There are some good pieces and because they are styled for sizes 20 plus they know what kind of shapes work on the body.
  3. Tesco – That’s right good old Tesco with their F & F brand. Plus they also have their own plus size range called F & F True (16-28). The clothes are of great quality and the prices are good. All in all great place to shop.
  4. Primark – No they don’t have a plus size range but there are some great little items that you can grab, for next to no money. A couple of the dresses that I have featured in OOTDs on here have come from Primark and I have had some lovely comments about them.
There are other places I like but they're are my top four. I'm always on the look out for nice places to get lovely clothes for my body shape and size. So if you know any drop me a comment.

Whilst we're here do you like these kind of chatty fashion posts or do you prefer the hauls and OOTDs?

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  1. I enjoyed reading this and I'm a size 10! Haha!
    I was on the forever 21 website earlier (UK one) and noticed that they have a Plus size range and the prices are reasonable!



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