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Let's Get Musical

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How are you? Happy September. Pinch Punch First of the Month and all that.

For today's Lifestyle post, I thought I'd talk a little about my love of musicals. I talk about it a bit on my about me page, but I'm not sure who has read those pages. You will also know about my love if I have ever chatted to you on twitter about it, because I will seriously chat to anyone about musicals.

I have spent my childhood watching Disney films, for which I blame my fascination of musicals on. I would sing the songs round the house, especially Mary Poppins and Beauty and the Beast, which seemed to be on repeat on VHS (yes I'm that old haha).

Then when I got older, I was taken to my local theatre in Wolverhampton to see shows and plays. These would be things like Joseph, Cats, Jesus Christ Superstar, anything that came to the local area on tour. It was during this time, whilst I was in middle school, that I joined my school choir and was also involved in a school production as well.

When I turned 18, I watched Mary Poppins for my Birthday at Birmingham Hippodrome, it made me realise that there are more places than my local theatre, where I can go and enjoy great entertainment. This discovery allowed me to discover  theatre in London's West End.

I love the west end. If I won the lottery, I would forever be seeing shows, sitting front row with a massive smile on my face. London has many beautiful theatres, yes the outside of a few are not that pretty but just step into the theatre and you will fall in love a great example of this is the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.

I have seen five musicals in London, which are Shrek the Musical, Legally Blonde, Rock of Ages, Wicked and Les Miserables. 

Pictures all from Google

Each one of the five are completely different in style, Rock of Ages is what's known as a 'Jukebox Musical' as it takes it takes already written songs and puts a story to it. This is the complete opposite to Les Miserable, which is a musical that has been around in London for longer than I have been alive and it still draws in the crowds with most performances being sold out (since watching it, I can understand why).

Why do I love Musicals?
  • There is a song for any feeling, there are happy songs, sad songs, even songs for feeling you're invisible whilst your parents idolise your brother.
  • Watching a musical live can bring such feelings and emotions that you just can't get anywhere else. I have walked out of performances crying or shaking with excitement.
  • The Men. Lets be honest. Anything can be made better with the introduction of an attractive man. For me, this is made better if the man can hold a tune (and if they have a tattoo or two - bonus). There are a few lovelies (in my eyes) in the west end like:
Oliver Tompsett (source)

Ramin Karimloo (source)
  • Musicals also give you the chance to hear some amazing voices and some great music. 50% of my Ipod is Musical/Musical Theatre songs.
I could go on, but I feel I would lose you all as followers. So for now, I shall leave this post here. 
Are any of you lovelies as into musicals as I am? If not, what is your obsession?
Leave me a comment below.

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  1. I have seen Wicked in London and i have to say it was completely breathtaking!! it was just amazing and the songs put tingles all over my body!! hehe we had a really good seat too right down the front and the actors were just amazing with their expressions and everything! one awesome musical right there!! :D

    Jen xxx

  2. I am OBSESSED with musicals! I always post about Les Mis and Phantom and Ramin Karimloo on my blog, but I've had to stop because I'm too worried people will be like 'oh not again!' haha! Les Mis, Phantom and Whistle Down the Wind are my favourites :)

    I've seen loadsss of musicals in the West End and touring, but I've been wanting to see Wicked for ages! Think I'm gonna have to go see it soon, can't wait much longer, lol!



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