Friday, 28 September 2012


Hey Lovely people,

So after working last week and catching a cold among other things, I decided to treat myself to an ASOS shop. My idea was to get the dress from my #passionforfashion post but they’d run out of my size.

Instead I bought two things (well actually three but the third thing is getting sent back because I didn’t like it) so I thought I’d show you a little haul.

So the first thing I bought was a longish (just below the knee) body con dress in black. I have been looking for something like this for  a while. I own a few batwing/floaty relatively see through tops and I thought that if I got a bodycon dress I could match them together to great a nice outfit. The dress is comfy, not too tight and because it is from the curve collection it is a good fit. The price was £12.50 and its good quality. Top marks for this one.

The second and final thing to show you is the River Island Tube Pants, which are the companies answer to American Apparel’s Disco Pants. That’s right I jumped on the band wagon and paid for a ticket.  I wanted to see what all the fuss of these trouser/leggings was and I don’t fit in the Topshop version or the Glamorous versions because they don’t do my size and I have curves,where they aren’t ready for curves. So when I saw on a blog somewhere that River Island ( a shop I’ve never really visited) had created some, I checked the website and found they went up to a size 18 I got excited.

I knew that ASOS stocked some River Island pieces, so I popped online and added them to my basket. They came in 18 Regular, which is the perfect length for me and even though you have to do a little wriggle dance to get into them but all in all they are alright. They feel like thick shiny leggings with a zip and button on and two back pockets, perfect for the autumn/winter.

That is all of my ASOS goodies. I could have spent a lot more there but I was restrained as I’m visiting Birmingham with my best friend for the Style Birmingham and maybe some Primark shopping. I’m guessing there will be a haul to show you next week.

Till Next Time,

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