Saturday, 29 September 2012

7 things

Hey lovely people,

So today's lifestyley piece is the same type of piece that started me off. Its the Sprinkle of Glitter, 7 things for.... it can be for 7 days or longer. I've chosen the longer option. My post will be 7 things for the month of October. 

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If you have been living under a rock or just don't read Louise's blog (if that is you, I urge you to go have a mooch), the idea is to give yourself seven goals for a certain time period. I've thought long and hard about mine, so here they are for your perusal:

  1. Keep the work/blog posts balance:  In September. I have had to learn how to keep the balance between doing my college for my course and also blogging for you lovely people. In October, I need to keep working on this balance because there are times that I'm still thinking about blog posts, when I should be chilling out/sitting in the staffroom at lunch.
  2. Save up: With Christmas, only a few months away I really need to save up a little dosh in order to get my nearest and dearest a little something. That means no more little shops out, which end up in me buying many things (when I only needed one thing).
  3. Get some guest posts: I want to share the love a little bit. In the past, I have got some of my favourite bloggers to come and chat to you all about things that are near to their hearts. I would like to do that again. 
  4. Tidy up my room:  If you saw yesterday's post in the background of my pictures, there may have been a little mess. My current routine is to come in and dump things (I know this is bad) I need to have a proper sort out.
  5. Decide: I have a few decisions to make in October, some blog related ( like whether to keep the Sunday posts or scrap them), some life related. I'll keep you in the know about these.
  6. Cook/Bake more:  I really enjoy cooking and baking, neither of which I have done in a while. I want to change this. 
  7. Watch some films: Recently I haven't had a lot of downtime, so in October I am to watch at least two dvds, I miss watching films at the moment.

There are my 7 things for October. Have you taken part in this post? What are your 7 things? 
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