Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sunday Song #8

Hey Lovely People,

It's time for the Sunday Song.

So this week's song is a new find of mine, which came from Twitter. I spend quite a lot of time on Twitter (probably too much time). So when one day, I read a tweet talking about a great voice/song, of course I had to click the link. It brought me to this lovely lady. Her name is Becky CJ, she has a twitter page (@becky_cj) and a facebook page (, so feel free to go and say Hi. 

The song from her, that I have chosen is called 'Easy For You'. It is such a sweet song, sung by a lovely voice, that I had to pick it for this week's Sunday song. I am also a fan of another of her songs called Penelope. Check it out!

If you enjoyed this song... please go check out her YouTube channel. I believe her EP is also soon to be released so look out for that.

Till Next Time,



  1. Love it, she's absolutely fantastic so great choice! Check out my review of her work on my blog - I've got an interview with her coming up soon :D

    1. I shall have to check that out x


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