Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sunday Song #7

Hey Lovely People,

Its Sunday which means one two things. Firstly that it is #bbloggers Sunday chat day. A day that I enjoy nearly as much as the Wednesday edition because it gives me chance to get my little blog out to a few new readers but also to get some new reading material.

Secondly, Sunday means that its time to choose my Sunday song, the day of the week when I give you a little ditty from YouTube, which I like/love and sometimes explain why. This is week is going to be a different kind of Sunday song.

So this week I have chosen Hi Ho Silver Lining. Its an oldy but a goody. I am a rocker at heart and a lot of the reason behind my love for old music comes from my dad who has taught me about many good bands ( it works both ways because he is now a fan of Muse, The Chemical Brothers and Kasabian because of me. 

However, there is one key reason why I have picked this song this week and this I fear may make you stop reading this post... I am a football fan and this weekend has been the start of the new season. The team I support (which in the beginning I had no choice over) is Wolverhampton Wanderers, they are in the Championship and the song they play before each home match as the teams are coming out is the song I have chosen. So there is the reason behind my song choice this week. Don't hate me haha.

So there's my secret, I am a make up loving girly girl, who is a rocker at heart and who loves watching football.  Do any of you like football? Who do you support?

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