Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sunday Song #6

Hey Lovely People,

Hope you have had a lovely week and have enjoyed the glorious weather. By now, you will know that every Sunday, I talk about a song that I love or have recently found and maybe have a chat about the music as it is such a large part of me.

Now this weeks edition is going to be slightly different to the previous weeks as this week I have chosen two songs and both of them have a kind of reason before them. Be warned that I will be divulging (great word) some personal stuff today.

Right then song number one this week has been chosen because this week as some may be aware has been a crazy week, what with my birthday wednesday and one of my close friend's wedding day Friday (which will have its own blog post eventually.. I still need to talk about the hen party). This song relates to all the love that has been around this week. It was my first proper wedding, and the whole day was filled with love, love of friends, love of family and the huge love of the couple themselves. So I needed a song about love. At first I thought about the classic from the Beatles ' all you need is love' but then my YouTube account gave me this little gem. Yes it is from Twilight but it is also a really lovely song, with a sweet message behind it. I love the whole Twilight collection both films and books, but I'm aware they're not to everyone's taste. If you don't like Twilight then just put the song on in the background and enjoy the voice and beautifulness (I'm aware thats not a word) of the song. Wow, long paragraph, here's the song.

Right so the second song, is the more personal song. The 10th of August now (after this week) has two meanings to it. The 10th now stands for the cheerful occasion of a wedding but also it marks the anniversary of the death of my Godfather to cancer. He was my dad's best friend since primary school and he had been a close family friend ever since. He was godfather to both me and my brother and would do anything for us. 
His death did not hit me until the day of the funeral, but when it did, it hit me hard. The second song that I have picked for my Sunday song is the song 'Abide with me' and the version that I have picked is the Emili Sande. The song was used in the funeral, towards the beginning of the service.You may have heard this song during the opening ceremony of the Olympics, which was a spectacle in itself because Emili's voice in the song is so beautifully haunting.
I am not exactly religious, in fact I usually call myself an agnostic as I can not be sure how I feel around religion. But there is something about this song which touches me, my heart and my soul.
Here's the song:

There are my Sunday songs, I hope you like them, and you enjoyed a small insight into my life.
Till Next Time,




  1. Hi there! Found you through the BBU Blog Hop!I love Twilight too! I was super addicted and cannot wait for the last one to come out!

    hugs, april

    Love if you could follow back!

  2. Hey sweet lady, I nominated you for a blog award. Stop by sometime and pick up your award.

    1. Thank you. I've done a post on it :)x

  3. It is a pretty song, the first one I mean :)

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    1. I think they're both pretty in their own ways, thats why I picked them. Thank you for leaving a comment x


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