Monday, 6 August 2012

Quick OOTD/FOTD - Hen Party Edition

Hey Lovely People, 

Hows it going? Well I hope.

Yesterday afternoon, I went to my close friends hen party. As it was during the afternoon party, I wanted to look smart but still be comfy, so thats where this outfit came in.
The picture however was quickly taken before I went so its not the best quality sorry.

Please Excuse the flash in the second picture
Dress-New Look
Cardigan - Marks and Spencers Outlet.
Leggings (not in picture) - Tu (Sainsburys)

So as you can see I went for my newest favourite white lace dress, which has a purple underskirt underneath (obviously). I also went for 3/4 length black leggings (because it was a tad cold yesterday) and a long navy cardigan. Shoes I just went for black ballet pumps, which I haven't photographs because they are old and not pretty but I knew I didn't really need shoes (my friend has a rule that shoes go off as soon as you get through the door). 

Make up wise yesterday, I went for minimal but shiny. Here's a Picture:

On my face is :
  • Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
  • Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer
  • Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eternal Silver (as base)
  • MUA Glitter Ball Shade 12 (purple)
  • Maybelline Falsies Mascara

I decided to link my eyes to my dress so tried to match the purple in the dress to the colour of my eyeshadow (because I'm that cool). See what I meant by minimal but glittery (because who doesn't like a bit of glitter?)

So there you go. There's my outfit and face. I am writing another blog post about a few of the going ons at the party, so expect that very soon!

Till Next Time,



  1. Your earrings are really nice :)
    Amy x

    1. Thanks, they're from New Look. I believe they were only a couple of pounds as well :) x

  2. Lovin' the eyeshadow :)

  3. Hello! I really like that dress and you look lovely! :) I found your blog via the BBU Blog Hop and am now a happy follower! Sukie xx

  4. That dress is so pretty, i love laces - they are so feminine. Love your matching MakeUp!
    Hey from the bloghop
    The Amazing World Of J


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