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New Look's #Holidayhop Competition

Hello Lovely People,
So today I come to you with a fashion post, with a slight difference. New Look recently got together with Daisybutter (a blog here on the internet) to do a competition.


To enter, this is what you have to do:

Imagine you are going to Ibiza for a long weekend. Create a post on your blog stating which items from the New Look store you would wear to complete each of the following outfits on your holiday. You have 5 outfits for 5 occasions, so which items would you wear and why? Head over to the New Look store and start picking your favourite party dresses, bikinis and accessories. 
Style these Looks: Travel Style, Poolside, Beach It, Sunset Supper, Beach to Club.

I had a think and decided to have a go.I am a curvy girl so I thought I'd represent them, showing that it doesn't just have to be skimpy outfits to look amazing, us larger ladies can join in too!

So without further ado, here is my entry. I know I’m not the most creative/fashionable but I do love shopping haha.
Skirt (Inspire)
Cami Vest
Nude Ballet Pumps
Hair Bow
Travel Style:
When I travel, top priority is comfort,and in my opinion skirts are way more comfortable than trousers ever will be.  I love spotted pattern on the skirt and hair bow as I think it gives the look a bit of a vintage look to it. I have chosen the nude ballet pumps as I think they are really comfortable. All in all a very comfortable outfit for the journey.

Kimono Top
So for the pool, I have chosen a lovely one piece swimsuit again with the polka dot pattern, it covers all the bits that I’m not happy with. I matched it with the kimono top, which I have used as  a cover up as they match in monochrome. I have picked the sandals as they give the outfit a bit of sparkle and the sunglasses keep my eyes safe from the sun if not a bit vintage looking. You don’t need a lot of clothes on next to the pool, do you?

Bikini top
White Oversized top
Dipped Hem Skirt
Beach it!:
For this look, I picked a striped bikini top to go underneath the white drop arm vest, in place of a bandeau top. I picked the white sandals to tie in with the white top and the metallic bag and sunglasses give the outfit glamour. I would tuck the top into the skirt. I picked the skirt as I think it would be cool to walk down the beach looking glamorous with the dipped hem of the skirt flowing in the wind.

Sunset Supper:
For this look, I chose to go a bit more classical. My thought process behind this look was that I was going out for a nice meal with friends. I chose the black lace dress because it has a very sophisticated look to it but it is also fashionable because of the dipped hem. I paired the feminine lace dress, with studded accessories. I am currently enjoying the lace and stud trends and I think this would definitely would work as an outfit. The jewellery has also been kept simple with relatively plain black bangles and a glittery jewelled hair accessories, which with my current red tinted hair I think would look amazing.

Bikini top
Flipflop Sandals
Wedge Sandals
White Bandeau
Sheer Navy Top

Beach to Club:
So for this last look, I chose to use the navy spotted skater skirt. In this look I would team it with the navy spotted bikini set. As I’m a relatively curvy girl ( I wear 16-18 clothes), I’m not happy showing off my middle, here is where the skater skirt comes in. On the beach, it would be possible to pull the skirt up to the bottom of the bikini top turning the ensemble into a short dress/swimming costume with skirt ( a la 40’s swimsuits- ooh vintagey) plus this is cooler than wearing a long maxi dress. On the beach, I would pair it with tan flipflops  and sunglasses.

To change this outfit for a club in the evening, I would keep the skirt and put it them with wedged sandals and this navy spotted top and white bandeau top. I would probably add a bit of red lipstick and curl my hair to give this look more of a retro twist.

So there are my 5 looks. What do you think of them? What would you pick? There is still a little bit more time if you want to join in the fun. Entries close on Friday at 12pm.

Till Next Time,


  1. Hey, I really like the Poolside outfit :)) I used the same swuimsuit for my entry ^^ If you like you can check it out on
    I wish you good luck! :))
    btw, already a follower. Follow back?

    1. I shall go check your entry out now x

  2. Good luck! I really like your entry, sometimes I find fashion trends can be too hard to wear if you're not a size 8 so it was nice to see another take on this competition. I've entered it too..

    1. thanks for leaving me a comment. It is hard sometimes to look good when your not a small size x

  3. we both chose the same swimming costume! haha, good choice! xxx

    1. haha thanks. I really did like the swimming costumes/bikinis I picked xx

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