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My University Experience

Hey lovely people,

With A Level results recently out and people considering what to do with their lives, I thought today that I’d chat to you about my university experience. Before we start, I’ve never been much of a drinker so don’t expect any hilarious drunken pictures because there isn’t any (sorry ).

kindergarten cap and gown activity

I went to university for three years to study Education Studies and Theology at a small university on the outskirts of Birmingham. Education Studies is the study of education, it isn’t teaching. Any other questions about my subjects feel free to ask in the comments but for now I’ll keep it about what happened at uni.

So first year, I lived in halls. I had my own room, with an amazing wardrobe, small sink and an ok single bed. I shared a kitchen and bathroom with 6 girls and I lived on the first floor out of five floors in my block. Here’s what my room first year looked like (thanks Facebook haha).

 I’m not going to sugar coat this… my first year at university on the whole was not fun!! Not because of the work load or what I was learning because I really enjoyed my course and the lecturers. It was due to the people that I lived around, all began well and lovely but it turned very bitchy and very sour quickly.  Obviously when you put a lot of girls together (the whole floor was girls), you will have problems and with most I could just smile and everything was amicable. But there was 3 girls, who lived on my landing that for some reason didn’t like me. They would knock on my door when they returned from nights out, they would move and throw things out in my cupboard/out of the fridge and they even wrote a valentines day card and posted it under my door (I knew it was them because I heard their voices and laughter as they did it). They even gave “evils” to any of my friends that came to visit me (they didn’t even know them). It is safe to say that I didn’t enjoy my first year. If it wasn’t for one guy on my course, who also lived in halls, I am pretty sure that I would have left. He became a good friend, he knew what was going on and allowed me to cook in his kitchen and I spent most evenings in his room watching telly, playing video games or just chilling out.

I guess I should say that whilst I was at uni, all three years, I went home every weekend, partly because I lived relatively local and I could, partly to get away from the girls in the first year but mostly because my uni was pretty dead on a weekend. The bar (yes it was so small we only had in one bar) was closed Saturdays and it was 20-40 minutes into the city centre. Don’t get me wrong I loved my university but it had its downsides.

Second year, I lived in a house of 6 (four girls who were in their 3rd year and the guy from my course). I enjoyed this living arrangement a lot more and the people I shared with were great. In this year, I also became more involved in the university, by joining a society and helping out with fresher’s week etc, things I was too shy to do first year. As part of a society, I had a chance to meet new people and get involved with nights in the bar like Toga night and Geek night. Here’s some pictures:


If I had the chance to go back to my first year I would have definitely joined a society earlier and for that reason I suggest any of you lovely people who are about to go to uni go and join a society. You get to meet lovely people, make great friends and also you can always stop going at anytime if you don’t enjoy it.

Third year, I moved to a different house with new people (equally lovely), who were all in their final year as well. The final year is stressful for most students because that is where the dreaded dissertation. It was useful having everyone living in the house going under the same stress, it meant we all knew what each other was going through.

Another thing that happened in third year was that I became Vice Chair of my society, which was R.A.G society (stands for Raise and Give). This gave me a chance to have a bit more responsibility plus it was something that I can now put on my C.V (bonus)

That’s a little bit about my university experience. I tried not to write oodles because I don’t know whether this is something that you guys want to read about. Leave me a comment below if you want to know anything else. Feel free to ask questions as well.

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  1. Eurgh, I would have hated to have lived in an all girls flat!! The girls I lived with in my first year turned bitchy too - 3 of them. But luckily I had friends from my course.

    Doesn't uni fly by so quickly!!

    1. Definately flew by too quickly. Thanks for leaving a comment :) xx

  2. Aww i am going into my third year at uni and i absolutely love it. I guess you was unlucky in first year to be put with them girls. In first year i was living with 11 other people, 7 girls and 4 boys. Two of the boys i already knew, one being my bf and his twin brother (it happend by coincidence). We all got along great and i lived with 9 of them in 2nd year, and when i go back i will be living with 4 of the girls. So we have really stayed together. I am really dreading the work for 3rd year :(
    Amy x

    1. That was a lucky draw in your first year. That living arrangement sounds brilliant. Enjoy your 3rd year it shall zoom past xx

  3. I completely connect with your experience- although I didn't move away, I did make a group of friends when I first started Uni, they seemed lovely. Then, one dropped out in the middle of second year and things got bitchy and turned sour :( we are civil now, but we don't talk to each other or like each other, so glad I am out of there.
    I wish I had of joined a group or something to make my time there more memorable, its a shame I hadn't made more friends :( x

    1. I never talked to the girls again. We even ignored each other when we passed each other in the street. The first year I was glad to get out. I miss university now though at times it was very fun. Thanks for the comment sweetie :) xx


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