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Marks and Spencers Competition Entry - Vintage Love!

Hello lovely people,

So today’s fashion post is another competition piece. I know I did one earlier but this one was so close to my heart that I had to try my hand at it, so to speak.

I found out about this from a lovely lady named Megan, who sent me a lovely email and as soon as I saw the word “Vintage” I knew I had to do it. This competition is run by M&S (or Marks and Spencer, to most people), a great well known UK retailer.

 If you have read my blog before, you may have got the inkling that I love all things vintage styled and retro looking especially the looks of the 1950’s with the amazing dresses and great hair (pin curls, victory curls etc).

Now this competition comes in two parts, first part is about a vintage (or vintage-style) dress I own, which I shall now start talking about now. The second part will come after.

Sadly, I don’t own an actual vintage dress but I have managed to snag a few vintage styled pieces. Most of them in the 50’s prom dress style, mainly because that cut seems to work well on me, the way it tucks in just under the breasts (sorry!) and then whooshes out skimming the hips and ending out just below the knees. This style of cut in my eyes is great because it loves the bits of me that I love and covers any nasty bits that I don’t. As I just said, I have a few vintage style dresses but I knew the one I wanted to show to you all as soon as I got the email. You ready, here it is…

I found this dress online from a company called Pretty Kitty Fashion, who you can find through Amazon if you are interested. It is in the style of the 50’s “rockabilly” style with a halter neck top, belted waist and full skirt. I love this dress; the pattern I feel has a retro feel to it as well, I just can’t fault this dress.

I bought this dress to go out for my 21st birthday last year, however it was never worn. This is because I had arranged to go out all snazzy and vintage style for my birthday with my friends in Birmingham, however my birthday is in August and if you can remember last year, there were the riots all around the UK, so the decision was made not to go out, so this dress never got its time to shine.

Pricewise, the dress itself (if memory serves me right) cost about £25 but the petticoat, which gives the dress its volume, was extra. I do have the matching petticoat though. Can someone give me a reason to go out in this brilliant dress…pretty please?

The second part of this little competition is to find a current Marks and Spencer’s dress, which has the possibility to stand the test of time, which I’d like in my wardrobe. Now this part was an interesting experience for me. This is because I love looking at dresses and on the website (which I shall link here) there are some really amazing pieces.

The dress I have picked is a lovely lace dress, which looks like this:


Gorgeous right? Why did you pick this dress? I hear you all shout (very quietly in your head).

My reasons behind my pick are simple and many. Firstly, the versatility of this dress. By this I mean that I can look at this dress and see many ways of styling it. For example, it could be worn out for a meal, maybe a date, if it was paired with some nice black heels and pearls or this dress could be taken out on the town for a party, with just a few accessory changes.

 Secondly, the colour. This dress, which also comes in black, is in a lovely ‘redcurrant’ colour gives this dress a special something and a small uniqueness.

Thirdly, the cut. I think that this dress would be amazing on. It has ¾ length sleeves, perfect for covering any unsightly arms. Plus this style of dress I think allows you to show off your best assets, but in a very lady like way. Take Kim Kardashian, she is often seen in shift dresses, as they show off her curves amazingly (if you are not sure, google her!)

The Final reason behind my pick is that in my eyes, this dress will never go out of fashion. If you have read my blog before, you will know all about my fascination with lace, how it looks so feminine and stylish (at least 25% of my wardrobe has some element of lace on it.) In the past few seasons (maybe even years), each high street store has incorporated some element of lace into their collections. To me, I just feel that lace is timeless and makes every one look amazing.

This dress is priced at £69.00. I would be happy to pay that much, because I know from experience that the quality of Marks and Spencer’s clothing is brilliant and also as I said before, this dress will never go out of fashion, so it would be possible to wear it over and over again. This dress is not a one trick pony!

So there is my entry, I hope you like it. If you would like to look at the competition, I shall leave the link here for you to all go peruse.

Till Next Time,

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