Wednesday, 1 August 2012

July Favourites

It’s the start of another month (spooky how quick July went past) so its time for a monthly favourites blog post (and the crowd goes wild!!)

So like the last favourites post I have picked 5 things that I have loved this month, its quite easy to understand so lets get into it, shall we?

  1. Maybelline BB Cream. I wore this every day on holiday. It’s a great alternative to foundation (although you don’t get the same type of coverage that a foundation has) I shall be doing a review on this soon.
  2. Ted Baker Butterfly Body Spray. I bought this on a whim from Boots a while ago (what with my fascination with butterflies), I had a large love affair with this spray. The scent is supposed to be fragranced with “ elegant bergamot and red fruit, “ It’s a girly scent, which lasts on the skin for  2-3 hours. Its an all round good egg.
  3. MUA Undressed Palette. The Highly blogged about MUA palette . There’s a review coming in a couple of days so I’m not going to say much more.
  4. Revlon Lip Butter in ‘Berry Smoothie’ If you have read my post on the Lip Butters, you will know how much I love them.  Berry Smoothie is one of my most favourites because it can be a daytime or night time colour.
  5. Lynx Attract for Women. I love this so much. Now I am doing a lot more exercise, I need a good deodorant which smells good. This Lynx spray (which is supposed to be Limited Edition – I hope they continue it) smells great and is long lasting ( even after I’ve sweat off half my body weight in my Zumba class)

So there are my favourites for July. What are your favourites? I’d like to know. Leave your comments below.
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  1. I love these! Love your blog too! I found you on the Blog Hop and am now following you through GFC

    Come and see my blog

    Ellen x

  2. I have the Ted Baker body spray too and I really like it :) I'm looking forward to the BB cream review :) x

  3. i love the mua undressed palette :) and really wanna try the lynx! x

  4. I will definitely have to try the Lynx for next time I go to Zumba!

    Found you through BBU Blog Hop! (: xxx

  5. Would love to see your review on Maybelline's BBcream! & Berry Smoothie is in my favourites too! xx



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