Wednesday, 18 July 2012

LOTD Books

Hey Everyone,
Today I want to talk about a book that I have loved in the past as I am still reading the book I talked about in the last book post. 

This book as you can see is by the comedian Dara O'Briain. I read it a while ago but if I remember correctly he takes the reader on tour with him and for each place he says who he talked to in the gig, what the theatre looked like and a bit of what happened in each performance. Every so often, he also talks about the English and how the are different from the Irish (in a jokey non serious observational type of way of course).

I love Dara O'Briain (I've seen him live once and I want to see him again) and I enjoy his style of humour and I would definitely suggest it to other fans of his. Its really easy to read as well (I lent it to my brother, who loved it, and he really isn't a fan of reading when he doesn't have to).

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