Sunday, 29 July 2012

Blog Goals

Hey Lovely People,

So whilst mooching about on blogs (which is the only thing that should be done on a Weekend - or Weekday) when I came across a blog post all about Blog Goals. I found it through The Makeup Wonderland and learnt it came from The Skinny Olive Blog

It is a link up so after publishing this I shall add my link to the list. But before I do that I better tell you about my current blog goals, most of these are. I've come up with five:

  1. Get 5 Bloggers to guest post on my blog
  2. Write 5 guest posts for other bloggers.
  3. Get 100 GFC followers.  (Got to 100 GFC followers - 05/08/2012)
  4. Host a Give Away.
  5. Create a Facebook Page for the Blog.

There are my 5 goals. If you want to join in click the Skinny Olive Blog link above and go and have a look.

Till Next Time,



  1. This is a great idea! Might have to do one myself!
    Hannah x
    (p.s your button is now up on my blog!, looks fab!)

  2. I hope you manage to achieve your goals :)
    Amy x

  3. 99th follower!
    1 more then you'll reach your blog goal.
    YAY! Congratulations~

    Hope you follow me too :)


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